Golden Globes with E!

by Olivia Cox January 14


Did you watch the Golden Globes on Sunday night? I can’t quite believe it’s awards season already (honestly, where did the time go?!) and had just landed literally just stepped off the plane from South Africa when it was time for the GGs. Which is why this post is a little late – I’ve been clawing back sleep ever since!

I was watching the Globes with E! as part of their live streaming event, which was broadcast in-between the live coverage of the event from LA. The beaut Sarah-Jane Crawford was hosting from London, and I was alongside people like Ollie Locke and other MIC types, to give interviews and reactions to the awards, winners, and (mainly) fashion.


My favourite look of the night was Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. Mainly because of the obliques-baring slits that prove her incredible discipline in the gym (I’m yet to get back on the gym wagon post-holiday. #AbEnvy), and also because of the contrast between 156 carats of classic Chopard diamonds on the neckline and the slightly edgy silhouette.


It was a really punchy colour, too – pretty daring considering the very obvious clash with the red carpet itself. She wasn’t the only one, though – Amy Adams was in a similar shade.

I think my favourite moment of the night (or of what I saw before I completely KO’d in the corner, clutching my bag of pick ‘n’ mix and dreaming of a blanket) was when Jamie Alexander called-out the teleprompter from the stage – “Dude, who’s writing this sh*t?!” Yes, Jamie!


I was wearing Lavish Alice, and about as many layers as I could legitimately cram into a red carpet outfit. Think I mentioned I’d just arrived back from South Africa. So I was cold. Very, very, very cold…


We had a Golden Globes discussion on my new Hoxton Radio fashion show yesterday – catch up here.

Olivia x


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