How To: January Style

by Olivia Cox January 28

If months were days, I feel like the beginning of January would be the Monday-est Monday that ever Monday-ed. But by the end of the month, things are looking up. This week we get a whole ten minutes more daylight per day (every little counts), and Spring feels genuinely en route. On which note, shouldn’t it be pay day again by now??

Of course, the other exciting thing about January is the imminence of Fashion Week. Paris is waiting in the wings, and London comes after NYC, which means the start of another frantic outfit schedule. Stay tuned, betches….

But in the meantime, my winter-ish wardrobe is a lesson in layers. Cute tees, fun co-ords, and long jumpsuits. I’m a bit rogue and never remember to wear jewellery. But if you’re better than that, I feel like now is the time to play with stackable basics. Preferably in mixed metal, with a zodiac theme. Because 2019.

Here’s four rules to live by this next few weeks…

1. Athleisure is perfectly acceptable for both lounging and non-lounging. This season is into dusty pastels, and opt for a vertical colour block for the most flattering silhouette. Shop here.

2. Logo tees make outfit staples fun. I kind of rate the irony of pairing scruffy trainers to this homage to the fashion Bible, aka VOGUE. Shop my tee here.

3. A-symetrical is to 2019 what the cold shoulder was to 2018. Ie – everywhere. Prepare for a very one-sided insta feed. Pun intended. Shop my jumpsuit here.

4. A ground-brushing leg will lengthen even the smallest of statutes (me). And contrary to every mother in the land, you won’t bring half the street in with you (*so long as you get the length juuuuuust right). Shop my jumpsuit here.

All products available at Femme Luxe.

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