V-day Gift Guide

by Olivia Cox February 10

Ok. You left it a bit late, but don’t worry – I got you this V Day.

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is unmissable. Shops start stocking all things red, pink and fluffy circa New Year’s Day. Restaurants, salons, experiences et al. ham up their ‘couples’ offerings almost before the fireworks have ended. Even Netflix has been spamming my eyes with the news that 14th Feb Is. Fast. Approaching, of late. Naturally, there are variations to the theme. Bcos 2022. There’s Galentines day (sort of the V Day equivalent of *that* insta shot holding giant helium balloons with your age on it), pal-entines day, self-love day…. Even the most cynical would struggle to find some aspect of next Monday that doesn’t relate to them.

So whether you’re buying for you, a friend, or an SO, here’s what’s hot.

Mimi Holliday – The obligatory lingerie inclusion. Sort of. Bcos Mimi really isn’t your average. Fun, flirty, and just the dream to wear. Very much a gift to yourself as well as anyone else. Also on the hot list: Coco De Mer, Bluebella, Hanky Panky.

Moschino Toy Boy & Moschino Toy 2 Bubble Gum – Don’t be fooled by the name – these are not necessarily gendered. Personally, I prefer the deeper vetiver base of Toy Boy, but luckily I made the wise decision to keep both for myself. An *instant* joy of being single.

Bloom Gin & So Divine – One of the most apt collabs I’ve seen in a long time, for when you fancy some alone time. On together time, I suppose. I’m just gonna leave this one here. Do with it what you will ;).

Compagnie De Provence Hand Wash & Cream – There’s a meme doing then rounds atm suggesting normalising dates that include chores. The idea being, at least if you don’t get along, you’ve picked up your dry cleaning / done the weekly shop.  This gift is along that theme. Something practical but with a luxury twist. Win win. For a similar principle but body, try Verso Body Oil Cleanser and Body Lotion.

Secret Spa Couples Massage – Ok, I went there. But hear me out – it doesn’t *have* to be with a SO. Mum-slash-friend-date-friendly, too. Plus there is zero need to wait for delivery, so you look like an organisational wizzes (even if you’re panic reading this on Sunday night). Use my code OLIVIACOX for £15 off your booking, too. Ps for extra brownie points, throw in some of the products from Neom, a luxury organics brand they’ve just partnered with.

The White Company Bed Socks – Perhaps not the sexiest of bedroom attire, but possibly one of the more indulgent. Being super soft and snuggly comes with the TWC territory, but this seasonal addition has a cute stripe which is somehow really pleasing.

Charlotte Tilbury – Wanted to just throw this out there: if you’re buying for a new girl, Char Tilbs is a SAFE BET. Magic cream is a universal winner, but the bolder amongst you could try guessing her shade in the brand new (and actually quite hard to come by) Beautiful Skin Foundation. Potential minefield, tho…


Diptique Roses Candle – Always a crowd pleaser, Diptique have given their Roses Candle a limited edition glow-up for the aforementioned date. But if pink and roses aren’t your jam, just pick a different from the core collection. Personally, I love a combo of Vanilla and Sandalwood. Just saying.

Kiehl’s Mens Facial Fuel Kit – On the realisation that this list is a bit female heavy, thought I’d throw-in something for a man. The “Ultimate Man” Scrub Soap is a fun addition, too – mainly bcos of the name. This is my go-to for male gifting, along with….

Gentleman’s Tonic shaving brush – Reliably sold to me as the ‘absolute winner’ for a wet shave by Army friends who have to do that sort of thing on the daily (or even sometimes twice daily). Bcos men’s skin needs love, too.

Prikli Pear tee – The ultimate in valentines apparel. Prikli Pear tees are all handmade and how cute is this pink number. The perfect gift for your favourite girl boss – uper soft, super flattering…

Enjoy the 14th. But please note – if anyone posts a heart shaped pizza you will be immediately muted *rolls eyes*.

Olivia x


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