REVIEW: Coca Cola truck

by Olivia Cox November 12

Olivia Cox

I should perhaps begin this post by explaining that I am a very festive person. I love christmas, and one of my greatest yuletide fears is that my festive spirit and excitement for all things Santa might peak too soon and cause Christmas Day to be something of an anti-climax.

So generally, I put the limiter on and try to avoid anything too jovial until at least mid-to-end November.

Olivia Cox

But this season, events have conspired against me.

You see, I was innocently working away on Friday afternoon when an email popped open, announcing that the CocaCola truck was outside – you know, THE Coca Cola, Holidays Are Coming truck. The one on all the adverts that means that Christmas is finally here? Yeh, that one.

So naturally I had to go and take a peak.

It was magnificent. Exactly how I imagine one might envisage the Coca Cola truck to be in the flesh (if one does imagine such things, that is..). The whole experience was pretty festive – promo girls dressed as elves delivering mince pies to us lowly office-bound workers, and a gospel choir repeatedly preforming the classic Holidays Are Coming song, plus various other santa-related ones.

The best part came when I was allowed to sit in the drivers cab. Even Racer Boy got a bit jealous when I told him that bit…

Does this make me Santa now?!

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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