Major Feels For OnePiece And Chill

by Olivia Cox October 17


Last night, I got back from Marbella. I was out there for the Global Gift Gala with Ronan Keating (more about that trip here), and between impromptu renditions of My Heart Will Go On (classic) with Alesha ’til 3.30am and the actual HOURS spent pumping-up Rodney the swan (because Instagram), chill wasn’t high on the list of priorities.


So last night, as I tipped myself plus way too much luggage out the car and onto the sofa, I simply didn’t have time to mess around with anything other than chill.

So I put on my OnePiece.

Not an actual onsie, you understand (I have several of those, natsch, but I feel like that level of extreme cosiness needs to be banked and saved for when the temperature reeeaaally drops), but an outfit by OnePiece. Because – quite unbeknownst to me until circa Thursday of last week, OnePiece do actual legit wearable outfits. Like, the sort of things you can low-key wear outside the house and still be winning at life.

My particular ensemble of choice for the big chill was a dark grey tracksuit and hoodie set. As a big fan of Athleisure, I’m particularly picky about my loungewear – I don’t like things that are too fitted or deliberately ‘girlie’. It’s probably a hangover from training with the Army.


Which is OneReason (see what I did there?) why I love OnePiece. Because although they do a men’s collection and a women’s collection, most of their pieces are unisex. AKA there’s no cringely fitted tracksuit sets or try-hard colour schemes. In fact, many of the shades fit loosely into the monochrome trend. Which you might be able to tell is my favourite. I mean, the fact that I basically blended in with my bedding was a very happy accident and something I whatsapped way too many friends about.

The new OnePiece A/W16 collection is available now and has basically everything. By which I mean you can finally buy your knickers and your rain mac in the same place. Goals.

img_0612-copyOlivia x

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