Cruelty-Free & Veganism With Lucy Watson

by Olivia Cox November 1

25th October 2016 Olivia Cox supporting the launch of “Compassion Over Cruelty” (a film to defy expectations around cruelty-free cosmetics) by renowned charity working to improve the lives of animals, Naturewatch Foundation, at the Sanctum Hotel. Credit: Justin Goff/

Today is world vegan day. I know this not because I am vegan, but because I was filming with the beaut Lucy Watson (who is) last week for Superdrug.  Turns out Digby (her needy, cute af Pom) eats vegan sometimes too. James (bf) does not. There was lots of animal chat, and between takes, Lucy told me about her passion for beating animal cruelty. The full video is here.


In a bizarre feat of scheduling co-incidence, that evening I’d been invited to the premiere of Compassion Over Cruelty, a film by the Naturewatch Foundation about animal cruelty. Obviously I went along.


The aim of the film is to build consumer faith in compassionate products (ie ones that haven’t been tested on animals) and make as all a bit more savvy. A bunch of well-known faces get a cruelty-free make-over and (spoiler – sorry) they look beaut. Makes you wonder what we need the animal testing for, right?


I wore a faux fur jacket by Moon Lee. It felt appropriate.

Olivia x

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