Fathers’ Day Gifting With Aktiia Blood Pressure Monitor

by Olivia Cox June 15

Dad is very difficult to buy for but I think I’ve cracked the code. This Fathers’ Day, I’m gifting for his health. 

Introducing Aktiia: a wearable health-tracking device that allows users to stay in control of their health by consistently monitoring their blood pressure. It’s easy to use, minimalist, and highly effective. 

Blood pressure that is either too high (hypertension) or too low (hypotension) can have very serious consequences. If your blood pressure is too high, your blood vessels and organs experience excessive strain. Persistent high blood pressure can increase the risk of a number of serious and potentially life-threatening health conditions, including heart disease and cardiac arrest. The consequences of low blood pressure are generally considered to be less severe (e.g. fainting and dizzyness), but can be an early and extremely important indicator of a serious health concern. By monitoring changes in blood pressure, we can take action early.

Although a key indicator of health, blood pressure is something that is often over-looked. In the past, monitoring blood pressure relied largely on in-clinic tests, or occasional at-home measuring cuffs, which tended to be both clunky and tricky to use. And personally, I found that readings could be a bit uncomfortable, which meant I would generally be stressed while the test was undertaken, leading to an inaccurate reading. The difference with Atkiia is that the device is discreet, super lightweight.

The device is designed to be worn consistently, providing an average of 70 readings per week via an optical sensor. Since this measures both day and night, you get a more accurate summary of where you’re at. And accuracy is extremely important when it comes to blood pressure, since an inaccurate reading may give a false sense of security about health, which could lead to a blinkered view on actions that need to be taken.

By consistently wearing the Atkiia device, you get 24/7 insights that can spot trends and allow identification of any behaviours or trends that are having a negative impact. So during the day, the device will pick-up whether any medications you take are impacting your blood pressure, and the wider impact of your diet, exercise and stress on your heart health.  And during the night, the device will monitor whether your blood pressure decreases while you sleep. Interestingly, studies have shown that night-time blood pressure is more highly correlated to cardiovascular risk that standard daytime blood pressure measurements. Since Aktiia is the only device on the market that measures blood pressure 24/7, it seemed the obvious choice when it came to shopping for dad.  

Using Aktiia is incredibly easy. The box contains an adjustable wrist bracelet and a lightweight cuff. The first step is calibrating the two components, and connecting to your smartphone via the Aktiia app. You only need to use the arm cuff once per month, and the app prompts you when another initialisation is needed. After that, you just continue to wear the streamlined bracelet, and leave the device to work for you. It’ll be measuring in the background every hour, with a battery life of up to nine days. The insights on your app are in a simple, user-friendly format – and you can also easily share a PDF report with your doctor. 

Aktiia have removed the obstacles to gaining insights into blood pressure. It has never been simpler to take control of personal health. Shop here now using my code fda10 for 10% off!

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