2023 Beauty Rules

by Olivia Cox January 12

So. It’s January. The month of Mondays. Cold weather, central heating, long-ass nights. And while December boasts the obvious silver lining of Christmas, January can feel a little… lacking. The up side? Longer nights = more time to chill. Make your priorities indulgent skincare routines, decadent bath times, and a month of Monday me-time.

REN Perfect Canvas Smooth Prep & Plump Essence – A synergetic trio of postbiotic bio-ferments. Aka your skincare secret weapon. Super-charge your regime by introducing a new first step that’ll allow subsequent products to penetrate more fully, thereby working harder. Clever, right? Microbial extract helps strengthen the skincare barrier, locking in essential moisture so commonly lost during the colder months.  And an added bonus, the hydrating essence contains Marrubium Extract, a powerful antioxidant that protects against pollution. For those moments when it’s absolutely essential to brave the front door.

Nuka Skin Champagne Of Honey Serum – A seriously hard-working serum that heroes Manuka Honey for its high levels of  antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes. The serum (smells glorious, FYI) glides on skin and is absorbed almost instantly, locking in moisture and getting to work fighting signs of ageing, dryness & other imperfections thanks to active ingredient methylglyoxal. Added vitamin C helps brighten the complexion and protects against future environmental damage. Skin is instantly plumped, dewy and radiant.

L’Occitane Rose Pear edt – IDK who needs to hear this, but winter won’t last forever. The latest addition to the L’Occitane scent range is a great reminder that spring is inching ever closer – a light, delicately fruity slash floral that’s super easy to wear and instantly refreshing. Paying homage to the changing conditions of spring, the base of the fragrance adds a touch of warmth and comfort with white musk, contrasting beautifully with those top notes of rose and pear.

Dr Brandt Triple Active Retinol – Getting started with a retinol can feel a big step, but what it boils down to is a powerful deep-clean that helps unclog pores, increase collagen production (thus reducing signs of ageing), and boost cell production. And it’s this regeneration effect that leaves skin looking so fresh and plumped after use. Dr Brandt’s uses three kinds of retinol, each with a different delivery system that allows for both immediate and long-term benefits. Combined with hydrating ceramics and squalene, Triple Active Retinol is super gentle and designed to work in synergy with skin.

Murad Essential-C OvernightBarrier Repair Cream – Sleep’s restorative benefits on mind and body are fairly obvious, and this extends to skin. Cell mitosis (the process that news and repairs skin) peaks overnight, and  choosing the right skincare is essential to support this process. Murad’s barrier cream neutralises daily damage thanks to Marrublium extract, and attacks dehydration with a combo of sunflower, barely and cucumber extracts. As ever with Murad’s Essential-C range, the Overnight Cream is rich in antioxidants – highly-potent THD ascorbate leaves skin brightened and smooth when you wake. Solid multi-tasking.

Dr Roebuck’s Icebergs Hydrating Mask – In the colder months, my skin can get very dry, dehydrated and irritated, incredibly quickly. It’s a sort of perpetual cycle: my skin looses moisture so the barrier function is impaired, so irritants get in, and I loose more moisture. I use Dr R’s Icebergs Mask a couple of times a week or whenever my skin is feeling particularly needy. The oat leaf and chamomile soothe and calm, whilst Hyaluronic Acid and red algae give an immediate hit of hydration. Skin is left plumped, dewy, and better able to take care of itself.

Caudalie Vinosource-Hydra Mask – Just the most indulgent antidote to January, this mask instantly nourishes, hydrates and calms stressed-out skin. As with all Caudalie products, at the heart of the mask is organic grape water, rich in antioxidants and prebiotics to rebalance skin microbiota. And added centella asiatica actively repairs skin, getting it back to feelings itself again.

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