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by Olivia Cox June 9

Packing for a trip is exciting. It means you’re going away. However, it is also stressful. Highly stressful, actually. Bcos decissions. My attitude toward the Big Pack settles somwhere between my mother’s penchant for pre-planning that sees her start a solid six weeks out, commandeering a spare bedrrom bed for neatly folded clothes and toiliteries sorted by outfit plus options plus an obscene array of just-in-case-ers; and dad’s night-before, well-rehearsed, exceedingly minimalist routine of staples. It works for them – they meet in the middle and end up with an average amount of luggage. I take ispiration from both and grossly over-pack with hours to spare. My theory is that packing too far in advance is counter productive, since you end up forgetting what you’ve packed so unpacking and repacking until you loose sight of why you’re doing it in the first place.

Receently, I went on a yacht trip around Croatia. Now. The boat was actually pretty large, but on the basis of previous boat trips, I was determined to pack a little lighter than normal, to allow for space issues. Here’s what I packed in my toiliteries bag…

Brush on Block® SPF 30 Translucent – An innovative take on mineral suncreen, ideal if you’re inimising your liquids at check-in. The broad spectrum sunscreen brushes on for instant protection, and can be used both under and over make-up for quick touch ups on-the-go.

Kerastase Genesis Anti-fall Shampoo – Designed with weak hair in mind, K Genesis is enriched with Edelweiss Native Cells, Ginger Root & Aquaxyl to gently clarifies and help reinforce fibre to reduce the risk of hair-fall due to breakage. My hair is left supple and intensly nourished, which is no small feat when I’m ravaging it daily by way of sun, sea and sand.

Living Proof Advanced Dry Clean – The most effective dry shampoo I’ve ever used. Zero talc, which means rather than soaking up oils on your hair and leaving behind a residue, this one mimics the effect of an in-shower wash, genuinely cleaning hair by removing oil, sweat, and any odour. Absolute essential if you’re trying to elongate a blow-out whilst away.

Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel – An old favourite that really comes into it’s own on holiday. A combination of 5 vitamins, 5 minerals and 5 peptides combats dryness and helps strengthen skin’s barrier, which means it’ll be better able to protect itself from external aggressors and irritants. The USP is Murad’s Cumulative Hydration-Release Technology, which means moisture retention lasts up to 5 days from initial use – great if you’re good at forgetting daily application. It’s also oil-free, so won’t mess with any pre-trip self-tanning you’ve done.

Christophe Robin Purifying Conditioner Gelee – Light yet intensive, this little badger goes everywhere with me. It has mad power on the detangling front, which is key if you’re in and out of the water slash battling the wind on a speedy tender. Hair feels soft, nourished, and healthy.

ESPA Tri-Active Regenerating Cellular Renewal Liquid Exfoliator – The name’s a mouthful but it’s worth it for the extreme clean. The liquid exfoliator powerfully but gently removes dead skin cells and impurities so a radiant, vibrant complexion. Perfect for detoxing skin after a day’s exposure to salty sea air.

Perricone MD Ultra-Lightweight Calming SPF35 Veil – Being on a yacht offers little escape from the sun, so I opt for a mineral-based sunscreen on my face. Perricone MD’s is lightweight and impressively quickly absorbed into skin. Plus, the added CBD helps calm, soothe and nourish.

Hada Labo – The latest J-Beauty brand to hit the UK, Hada Labo is famed for it’s unique combo of a massive four types of hyaluronic acid. They’re all different sizes, which means they work at different levels in the skin, which means skin is super hydrated and plumped from first use.

SteamCream Skin Gelee – The perfect antidote to sun-stressed skin. The aloe-vera based gel is outrageously versatile, helping hydrate and replenish lost moisture whilstt gently soothing heat-strained skin. For best results keep it in the fridge ’til you need it. You’ll thank me later.

Legology Cellu-Lite Salon Secret For Legs – A literal secret weapon for legs. The clever blend of stimulating aromatherapy oils (think eucalyptus, grapefruit, rosemary and junper berry) enhance skin tone, hydration and suppleness. Legs are left smooth and energised.

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