How To Style Jewellery

by Olivia Cox February 8

Let me admit now that I’m not a big jewellery wearer. It’s not that I don’t like it. Quite the contrary, I adore jewellery. It’s one of the first things I notice in an outfit, and the collection on my dresser is frankly spectacular. I just have never really known where to start with wearing it.

I have friends with immaculately currately stacks adorning wrists, fingers, ears… And every time I go away I pack a small velvet wrap with my favourite pieces, only to leave it at the bottom of my carry-on for the duration of the trip.

Some of my most poignant memories revolve around jewellery. For my 16th, my parents bought me the obligatory Tiffany’s heart pendant, and for my 18th it was a bespoke horse on a chain (I was going through an animal phase at the time). My sister gave me an engraved gold bangle for my (our. We are twins) 21st, and somewhere in a box of sentimental bits in my parents’ house is the silver bracelet my first real boyfriend gave me on the same date.

So why don’t I wear it?

Laziness, perhaps. Also quite possibly the fear of losing something so precious. I’ll never forget my sister leaving her earrings on a bedside table after a particularly big night out on the King’s Road. She still laments the loss of them to this day.

But neither are reasons to usurp an entire industry, so I’ve decided to start giving life to some of my favourite pieces.

For me, the ideal jewellery is subtle and stackable. Right now I’m favouring gold, but tomorrow who knows: I’m fickle like that.

I’m starting small: a couple of rings, a bangle and a simple chain. I love how they make a look complete, and it’s just the smallest amount of effort to get there.

Next month, maybe I’ll branch out into a double necklace, but for now I love my now daily ritual of putting these ones on.

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