Diary of a Salon-Dependant: ep. 5

by Olivia Cox October 14

Ok, it’s been a while. I’d name all the extraneous circumstances that have aided my tardy here, but that would just delay me further. So. I won’t. Suffice to say that in the year-after-the-two-years-that-weren’t, 2022 has been…. exciting? Maybe not quite the right tone. Different, let’s say. Busy.

But I wanted to share with you some of the coolest new launches for hair. And as we transition from summer to (whisper it) party season, now’s the time to repair damage caused by that classic sun, sea and sand combo, and prep for what is to come. A detox re-tox, if you like..

Remington Pro Luxe You Adaptive – You’ve probably seen this little badger doing the rounds on insta. Using revolutionary Style Adapt technology, the tong gets to know your hair type and styling habits, then uses these to constantly adjust the tong’s temperature as you go. The result? Less damage through unnecessary use of heat, and styles that last.

Kerastase Soin Acide Chroma Gloss

Not all heroes wear capes. Kerastase Soin Acide Chroma Gloss transforms from a transparent fluid texture into a rich white cream upon contact with water, and then sets to work transforming your hair. Aside from the expected results (hair is stronger, shiny-er, and visibly healthier), it is specifically designed for coloured hair so works to preserve colour intensity for up to 6 weeks. If beauty had cost-per-wear, this would be a major reduction to the calculation of a salon appointment.

Vichy Dercos Stimulating Shampoo 

A clever combination of Amniexil, Vitamins B3, B6 and Provitamin B5 gives life back to dull hair by adding body and bounce to tired hair. Signature Vichy Mineralising Thermal Spring Water locks in uber-moisture, leaving hair soft and looking at its absolute healthiest.

Centred En-Root Scalp Oil 

Like a facial for your scalp, En-Root contains an all-star list of ingredients from salicylic acid for scalp exfoliation, to nourishing jojoba, coconut and Argan oil, and stimulating rosemary, peppermint and tea tree oils. Which makes sense, really, since the often-overlooked scalp is still ultimately just skin. Read that again. Plus, it is arguably the hardest skin to treat since it’s hidden away. Healthy hair needs a healthy place to grow, and Centred are putting the scalp in the spotlight. About time, too.

Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask 

A personal favourite of mine, since it added just the most incredible shine and touchable softness to my usually coarse and unmanageable hair. The star ingredient is prickly pear oil, which helps improve the appearance of split ends, adding strength and vitality to dry or damaged hair. Perfect if you have over-stressed your hair this summer.

Shark Beauty Flex Style

100% the next tool to go TikTok viral. Outrageously aesthetically pleasing yet also incredibly practical, Flex Style combines five styling solutions in one, and uses only hot air to create styles, rather than hot surfaces. Hair is left light and airy, with a just-out-the-salon look and feel. Basically magic.

Bouclème Seal and Shield Curl Cream

Created with British weather in mind, Bouclème recently launched their latest range with protective natural actives that literally seal hair to prevent frizz. They have also shirked the usual humectants like glycerin so often found in haircare, since these work to suck-in moisture, causing hair strands to swell and cuticles to lift. Aka the f-word (frizz).

dP Hue Brightening Powder

Bridging the gap between haircare and skincare, dP Hue products contain many of the ingredients you’ll recognise from your skincare regime. Like this revolutionary Brightening Powder, which combines 15% vitamin C and a chelating agent to draw out dulling minerals, product residue and impurities. A real winner against the daily pollution of London life, hair is brighter, healthier, and detoxed. 

Static Jam Seriously Good Styler 

Do you ever end up washing your hair not because it’s dirty but because it feels like it needs a good layer of conditioner? Bcos same. Fighting the good fight against over-washing, Static Jam have created products that’ll resurrect second (or third, or fourth.. you get the picture) day hair, so you won’t be temped to go back in with the suds until you really need to. Unlike some styling products that can actually work against the feel of hair, Static Jam’s Seriously Good Styler leaves hair feeling conditioned and manageable, all while tackling static, frizz and flyaways. The perfect addition to a good dry shampoo regime for between washes.

The Hair Boss by Lisa Shepard Heat Protection Spray 

We all know to use protection. But my biggest bug-bear with the majority of sprays on the market is that they’re pump-action. Which means you get a blast of product to some strands of hair, and just about nada to others. Hair Boss is not like other brands, though, and has created up to 230 degree-heat defencein a handy aerosol, which means even distribution across the hair. It works as a hold spray, too, adding maximum security and definition to style. 

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