Huge Hair Discount at Neville

by Olivia Cox July 28
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DISCOUNT CODE: Olivia20cox 

One of the first things people ever notice about me is my hair. It’s big, blonde, and naturally very VERY disobedient. When I was little, the twin and I battled to see who could grow ours longer, faster, until we could both actually sit on our own hair (note: this was a particularly wild sweet spot – being short and having long hair – and didn’t last for long).

Growing up, I fought a loosing battle with my hair. I thought I needed to bully it into submission, so would spend hours straightening the life out of it, until dad banned by Babyliss steam tongs (yes really) from the house because of the perpetual smell of burning hair.

It wasn’t until I started actually being kind to my hair that it started to behave. Carrot not the stick, I suppose. My ritual of treatments and regular cuts now prevents breakage and frizz rather than constantly being on the back foot and trying to repair my self-inflicted damage.

Pre-lockdown, I had a good routine going of colour every few months, cuts every other month, and weekly blowdries. Looking back, this may have been excessive but it was the luxury I chose to invest in, since my hair is such a huge part of me.

I have a great hair team behind me, and they are the first people I call (WhatsApp, actually) when I’m booked for a job or to attend an event. Annnnnnddddddd until 31st August, you can get 20% off all hair services at Nevilles Belgravia when you use my code Olivia20cox. The discount also works on their swanky new range of brushes, should that be your thang.

I first met the Neville team backstage at Fashion Week and on shoots with Marie Claire. I’ve tried just about every salon in London (hair my size takes a high level of love and skill to tame), and Neville’s is the one I keep returning to.

If you see me in there (behind the mass of hair), come say hi x

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