WINNER! Face of Entertainment Wise

by Olivia Cox May 17

Olivia Cox
I wore Jack Wills playsuit, Massimo Dutti tee, Zara shoes. Rumour has it, it was the shoes got the gig..!
So, as you know, I entered a competition recently to become the new face of Entertainment Wise, which (incase you’re yet to visit, in which case shame on you..) is a fabby lifestyle, celeb and fashion news site. It’s wicked. Check it out.

I uploaded my little video, had a word with my guardian angel that I really, REALLY wanted the job and then just quietly got on with life.

And then audition day came. There were some familiar faces (check out the lovely Andrea’s take on the day here…

Olivia Cox
Lovely Andrea Kristina of FOMO TV
..and some brand new ones, but everyone was generally totes amaze (and yes, some of them did actually say that. It’s fashion, darling). 

We were in the Century Club on Shaftesbury Avenue. Which is another must-visit. I didn’t eat much while I was there (audition nerves and all that), but I saw a pretty tangy tangerine and almond salad making its way into the judging room – nice. I was almost tempted to grab a forkful en route… Almost.

Anyway. The REAL news is: I won!! Still feel slightly shaky – I’ve not won anything since I was seven and Bliss magazine awarded me my very own underwater Barbie, complete with colour changing killer whale. I called it Tim. And loved them both. Everso much. 

Olivia Cox

So, watch this space. I’ll be coming at you from Ent Wise with the latest fashion news soon…

P.s. Thanks to Rodial for all of our super duper goodie bags! We all walked away feeling everso spoilt… 

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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revolvingstyle May 17 at 5:19 pm

Congrats on winning that competition! 🙂 Im obsessed with your neon Zara heels too!


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