Champagne Life at the Saatchi Gallery

by Olivia Cox January 14


Have you been to the new Champagne Life exhibition yet? It’s the first ever all-female show at Chelsea’s Saatchi Gallery, and it launched on Tuesday night.

The exhibition takes up the whole of the gallery (all three floors of white spaciousness), and comprises the works of 14 female artists. Some of whom, I feel obliged to add, are breathtakingly young. I clocked one who was born in 1990. That makes her a nineties baby (obviously). And THAT makes me feel old…


Anyway. There’s a whole smorgasbord of different types of art. Some super modern, using photography and bold fluro colours; some much more traditional; and some installation-types. My favourite works were by American artist Julia Wachtel, who used screen printing and repetition to clash images of high culture and low. The Kardashians and Mickey Mouse make an appearance.


Naturally, we had to imitate some of the characters. I mean, you would do too, right?!


Outfit details

Top & Skirt | Topshop

Bag | Brenda Macleod

Jacket | Each x Other

The exhibition runs at the Saatchi Gallery until 6th March 2016.

Olivia x

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