Make-up That You Can Gym In (*just don’t tell anyone)

by Olivia Cox May 21
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Athleisure is big news. Huge, really. And not just in fashion – the beauty industry is getting sportier by the day, too. There’s a bunch of brands that specialise in gym-friendly products (Sport Fx Cosmetics, Pretty Athletic et al), and plenty others that’ve had the occasional tweak in the sweat-able direction. So things like new formulations that won’t clog your pores, cooling agents in primers, and long-lasting pigments that won’t budge under heat. And of course ultra-waterproof everything…

My personal jury is still a little out on the whole make-up in the gym thing. Some days I’ll take everything off so I can #freethesweat, but others I just can’t really be assed. Or I’ve forgotten to bring make-up wipes. Or mainly I just can’t be assed…There’s also the odd moment that I kind of need to wear make-up while I’m getting sweaty – like filming workouts for Marie Claire or shooting for Women’s Running.

So as a general rule, I tend now to favour gym-proof cosmetics. My days tend to consist of running between meetings, training sessions, and press events – so fast-working and long-lasting products are my lifeline. This lot made the cut..

Oxygenetix Foundation – ok this one is basically skincare masquerading as make-up. The dermatologist-approved formulation has been developed with plastic surgeons and scientists – it was actually first used to follow aesthetic procedures, which means it is suitable for even the most sensitive / problem-child skin around. The gel base is super hydrating, and despite the full coverage it feels refreshingly light.

Rouge G de Guerlain  – comes with its own double-mirrored case. Which is tres handy if you’re in a small changing room and can’t quite get to the mirrors. And you can mix n match your case and shade. Which I absolutely think you should.

Sport fx waterproof mascara – Really, really does. not. budge. Useful in all scenarios – especially if you have long lashes with a tendency to create little black dots all around your eyes.

bare minerals foundation – Totally breathable and lasts for up to 24 hours (possibly less if you’re sweating hard). What’s nice is that your skin actually looks like your skin, and the blend of mineral pigments is actually good for your skin – it improves texture over time.

Eve Lom Kiss Mix Cheeky – Everyone loves Kiss Mix, so yay that they’ve added a hint of colour. Same hydrating, lip plumping and protective treatment, now with benefits – and a very acceptable gym bag staple.

Cite Blush Pop – Gives a subtle flush, and is literally the easiest (and most fun) product to apply I’ve ever come across. Real space-saver, too.

Vichy Dermablend Colour Corrector – Colour corrector takes a bit of time to perfect, but once you’ve nailed it you need less foundation, meaning a more natural result.  Which is ideal on hot skin, post-workout. Vichy’s hold for 24 hours, so great for pre-gym too.

Caudal Micellar water – Before, after, mid-way… any time is Caudalie’s chamomile and grape, really. Great for on-the-go because you don’t need water, and it’s soap-free so good on sensitive / gym-flushed skin. A little ninja at removing waterproof mascara, too.

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 – We all know we need spf even on cloudy days. Clever Murad have developed a product we actually want to use – clear, lightweight and mattifying. No more gloopy creams or shiny faces – doubles as a great primer, too.

CliniqueFIT ™ Post-Workout Neutralising Face Powder – A hot face isn’t always the best face for cream formulas, so this powder is a winner. The clever little built-in sponge applicator delivers the perfect amount to reduce redness and conceal imperfections.

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