DIY Skincare: Bio-Extracts

by Olivia Cox June 22

I remember first becoming interested in skincare. I was with my mum in a department store near where we lived, skulking around the beauty department to buy me my first regime. I was a shy child, and basically wanted to do whatever mum was already doing, even if it wasn’t quite right for me. So we went to the desk of her chosen brand, and spent maybe around five minutes deliberating over whether I should go for regime 1, 2 or 3. None was completely appropriate, none was totally wrong. So I went for 2. A happy medium, and – as it transpired – totally useless to my skin-type.

Now, though, skincare is a lot more bespoke. When we go for facials we are rarely asked to specify what we want when we arrive – rather, a therapist will analyse our skin and make suggestions. Which frankly makes an awful lot of sense. I mean, you wouldn’t go to your GP with a shopping list, you’d let them make a diagnosis.

Which is a long-winded introduction for my latest skincare find: Bio-Extracts.

Bio-Extracts is a skincare solutions brand that focuses on delivering potent, purified ingredients via a powerful deivery system. The range uses biotechnology, which means active fractions of plant extracts are directly delivered to the skin. And the exciting part is that you get to personalise your regime at every stage.

First, you choose a Face Cream (Rich, Light or Normal). This can be used alone, or with up to 4 shots from your chosen boosters.  The cream has been designed to be structurally similar to the natural layers in the skin and mimics the skin’s own lamellar structure. It is designed to act like a “patch” on the skin, restoring its barrier function thus preventing trans-epidermal water-loss (TEWL), improving hydration and protecting the skin from external irritants.The great thing about this is that you can tailor your skincare needs on a seasonal, daily, or even hourly basis. So if you wake up with a load of dehydration lines and cute-yet-irritating pillow marks on your cheeks, you reach for your HA Hydra Boost. If last night was rather more indulgent that planned, adding the Glow Boost is a useful antidote.

I’ve been playing around with the regime for a couple of weeks, and being in direct control of the results is so empowering. At first, I was concerned I might get it wrong – the boosters ‘syringes’ (note: not actual syringes) have quite a medicinal appearance. But upon investigation, the system is actually fairly full-proof, thanks to the cutting-edge packaging. The airless jar and syringes dispense the precise amount of a moisturiser and actives needed. What’s extra-great about the syringes is that there is a mechanism to open or close the pump delivery system, which means no accidental leaks whilst travelling. And – whilst I’m on the subject of travelling – each syringe is 10ml, AKA everso portable.

The final thing I’ll point out is the fragrance. The scent of the products is incredibly subtle and completely natural, which means it is a non-irritant to my sensitive skin. In fact, the scent actually has it’s own benefits, since Aromatherapy is scientifically proven to trigger senses and influence brain activity. Olfactory bulbs are part of the limbic system and directly connected to the areas of the brain that process emotion. So your bespoke, personal regime is always extremely pleasing.

All of the Bio-Extracts products are vegan, paraben-free, and British-made. There are three options for the cream, and nine options for the boosters. You can pick a booster to use alone with the cream, or mix up to four different ones in your own personal skincare cocktail. My skin feels soft and looks radiant, and bedmin (bed admin) has never been so pleasant.


Olivia x

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