Kerastase Launches 98% Natural Range

by Olivia Cox March 17

Yesterday, I went to a yoga class in The Detox Kitchen’s basement Studio to celebrate the launch of Kerastase’s new Aura Botanica range. To begin with, I was confused – Kerastase is a pretty glossy brand and not necessarily something you’d associate with yoga. But then I got it – because the new Aura Botanica range is 98% natural. (The range can be used by all hair types, but the ritual changes depending on your exact hair needs. ) So doing a grounding flow session with a raw, hair-healthy salad (I’ll share the recipe) plus green juice made total sense.

Aura Botanica is a range of four products – shampoo, conditioner slash mask, concentrate oil, and blow-out spray (tames frizz and protects against heat damage). The range can be used by all hair types, but the ritual changes depending on your exact hair needs.  Which is a nice way of making a daily chore seem more like a bespoke luxury.

At the backwash, my hair was shampooed twice, then the concentrate oil was added to the conditioner for an extra boost of nourishment. Each of the products contains hand-pressed coconut and argan oil, which are ingredients I’m willing to bet you’ve slathered on your hair at least once or twice. How refreshing to have a high-efficacy range that’s silicone-free but also professional salon quality, and luxurious in terms of both texture and scent.

As we combed through my hair pre-blow-dry, it was noticeably less knotty than usual, and as the blow-dry took shape my hair seemed calm and smooth. Which is quite at odds to the angry, frizzy mop I usually am greeted with post-shower.

I am now on day two of my blow-dry, and despite staying out last night (and thus negating my usual bed-time routine of silk pillowslip to minimise friction), my hair is still smooth and soft, with no frizz. It also still smells next level. Which reminds me – I should probably stop sniffing my hair, people will think I’m odd..

Kerastase Aura Botanica is available now to buy, or experience the ritual at your local Kerastase salon.

And here is the recipe for the salad. So yummy.



Olivia x

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