GT Cup at Donington

by Olivia Cox April 30


If you follow me on social media, you will have noticed that I spent the weekend at a race track.

I was at Donington (turns out it’s only got one n. Who knew?!), which is somewhere a bit more north than here but a bit more south than where it starts to get seriously chilly. Very countryside – I saw sheep on the train and everything.

Being a race track, the weather was predictably rubbish on Saturday, but I swear I got a face-tan on Sunday. It was hot. Seriously. I’m not kidding.


I didn’t spend all day sunbathing though (although the temptation was definitely there) – I was there to present the Motors TV coverage of the championship. Which meant I spent most of my time scurrying around the paddock annoying the drivers with innane questions, and generally pretending to know what I was talking about. Which involved a lot of nodding, some fail-safe questions hidden up my sleeve, and frantic listening to the commentator notes during qualifying. I’m getting there…

Now. Obviously I was there with GT Cup (a super mega awesome championship that I’ve been working with for a couple of seasons now), but I also very randomly bumped into my beaut facials Michaella Bolder, who was there as racing-WAG for a different series.

Which got us thinking.

Beauty at the races, anyone? Watch this space..

Olivia x

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