Ferrari 488

by Olivia Cox April 24
I wore my new Missy Empire dress

I wore my new Missy Empire dress

The new Ferrari (488 GTB – the latest sports car they’ve launched since the 458 of 2009, should you be that sort of detailed-way inclined) launched last night in Soho. And it is obviously very, very amazing.

We were at the Old Sorting Office, which is a monstrously huge venue – I think I told you about the BMW Mini launch there a couple of years ago?

Anywho. We arrived to a huge Verve champagne reception and canapés, and then various super important Italian people (I point this out so you realise I’m not being rude by missing their names off this – they are VERY hard to pronounce sash spell…) took to a vast stage to give us the low-down.


Now. There’s obviously a bit of competition in the car world to do the biggest and bestest launch possible (you must’ve seen the adverts..), so naturally there was a very cool series of graphics after the presentation. It felt very James Bond, with lots of revving and super-mega-awesome videography of the car zooming around various cool places. And then the screen we’d all been avidly watching turned semi-see-through, illuminating a bunch of drummers dressed in Ferrari overalls doing a monstrously amazing set.



The theme was obviously pretty red, which made my photos difficult to take (I know, bad workman etc. But it’s true I tell you, true), but I tried my best. And ate plenty of Italian food, too – rude not to, no?!

My lovely friends Lilah and Ashley were also there, so we caught up and generally decided that this is the car we want. Please and thank you.

But, if you’re reading this and wondering why on EARTH I’m blogging about a new car on a very fashion-and-beauty style blog, I have a connection for you (assuming, of course, that you’ve made it this far down the page – bravo).



Because, in a bout of incredible timing, three new Ferrari fragrances have just launched, too. They’re all (Noble Fi, Bright Neroli and Pure Lavender) unisex, and really refreshing, pleasing smells. Even more pleasing, though, is the packaging. Which I usually don’t get too excited about, probably mainly because I don’t have any display space in my shoebox flat. But these have all the bells and whistles – think cream leather details, prancing pony, and the sort of weight that subtly reminds you it’s well-crafted. Incase you forgot.


They’re £75 each, from Harrods.

Olivia x

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