New Gen Skincare Tech

by Olivia Cox January 5

Skincare: manual massage, or the latest tech? Perhaps not the most difficult option you’ve FACEd this past few months (sorry not sorry), but important nonetheless. And a useful one, too, if beauty tops your New Year sales wishlist.

2020’s epic showdown of fun, stress and maskne (apparently a legit word soon to be published in the Oxford English Dictionary. In case you wondered) did have the occasional up-shot. For example, suddenly having (infinitely) more time for self care, and a growing emphasis on routines and rituals.

And it’s at this point that I think home beauty divides – those who layer, dab, and massage; and those who use a device.  If you’re not sure which category you fall into, here’s a cheat sheet for the best electrical on the market atm.

For congested skin

Opatra Pure – Sonic vibrations powerfully cleanse, exfoliate and remove pore-clogging impurities. Skin is left softer, firmer, and healthier. The decvice has different speed intensities, for a more personalised approach to skincare.

For stressed skin

BeGlow TIA – There’s not much that this device doesn’t do, from improving lymphatic drainage and oxygen absorption, to reducing inflammation. A 200Hz HF pulse transforms liquid skincare into micro-molecules by vibrating 12,500 times per minute, allowing faster and more powerful absorption. Think of it as a super-power for your skincare.

For early signs of ageing

PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro – Dimishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The ultimate home-beauty device, with interchangeable disks for changing the intensity of a treatment

For morning-after skin

GlitzToy Sculpting Roller – Multi-purpose tool designed to sculpt, tighten, and tone. Ideal for combating any morning puffiness, or for helping a favourite product to fully penetrate the skin.

For dull, lacklustre skin

Hayo’u Rose Quartz Morning Massage Tool – Boosts facial circulation, which reduces inflammation and supports the renewal of skin cells.

For daily cleansing

Ascia Jade-Stone Facial Cleansing Brush – 2-in-1 combo of sonic vibrations to break down dirt and oil, plus rose quartz to help products penetrate the skin, and reduce inflammation. A revolutionary upgrade from the classic facial cleansing brush.

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