How To Nail Double Denim

by Olivia Cox September 27


Well, Fashion Week SS17 have done absolutely nothing to quash the whole ’90s comeback thing – Marc Jacobs played acid house, his models wore over-knee boots, and designers like Morecco and Molly Goddard went neon crazy. Cimone even paid homage to that weird fascination we all had with beanbags by using the teeny beans in see-through bell sleeves. Because fashion.

I dragged my feet a little with the trend at first – to me, the ’90s were a slightly awkward time punctuated by teenage angst and over-zealous use of fishnets. But I’m getting there. I even sported a black satin chocker the other day to the Zeynep Kartal show. Baby steps.


One trend I have zero problem with resurrecting, though, is multiple denim. I love denim. When I’m not in gym kit, denim is my staple. It’s just so easy. And the sad fact is that since I moved away from the washing fairy (mum), I’ve had to start considering things like washing machine-friendly fabrics. Denim rules the washer – I’m yet to accidentaly turn a jean shirt pink thanks to a rouge sock. Which makes it a winner in my book.


That’s not the most glamorous over-share I’ve ever had. But the styling propensity of denim sort of goes without saying – when is denim ever not ‘in’? I mean, over the past month, I’ve worn denim to Bestival, bootcamp, my radio show and the FROW. Altogether now: versatile af.


Shop the look: Marc O’Polo Dungarees

Singular denim is good but plural denim is just great. Personally, I prefer to mix ‘n’ match different shades of denim. Matchy matchy just brings back horrible memories of that Britney-Justin monstrosity circa turn of the millennium. I’m willing to be proven wrong though.


Shop the look: G-Star Raw Jeans, Levi’s Shirt

Awkwardly, there’s circa a gazillion styles and brands to choose from when it comes to denim. And online shopping can be hellish. My new go-to is Amazon Fashion (have you tried it yet? You really should. It’s so much more slick and user-friendly than Amazon used to be), who recently launched their Jeans Store. It’s a carefully curated edit of the best denim out there, and is cleverly categorised into a smorgasbord of trends – skinny, slim, boyfriend, straight, bootcut and flared. Plus jackets, dresses and shirts.

Speaking of which, how great is this G-Star Raw shirt. I MEAN.


Check its extreme movability, too.




With gym kit? I mean why not…


Which is a very long-winded way of saying – this season, I’m wearing denim.

Olivia x

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