SMRC awards in Edinburgh

by Olivia Cox December 3
Olivia Cox

So, this weekend, I headed up North to *ahem* sunny Scotland for the Scottish Motor Racing Club awards dinner with Racer Boy.

Olivia Cox

We got up unnaturally early on Saturday (5am. Gross) for the flight, and then did the reverse journey at the same time this morning (but this time we got up at 5.15am. Seasoned travellers now…). Oh, and didn’t get to bed until about 6am on Sunday morning. So please excuse if this post is a little slow..

When we arrived in Edinburgh, it felt all Christmasy – crisp (read: bloody freezing) and bright. You know – sunnies and hat weather (yes, I’d raided the skiing drawer before I left. You’ll be pleased to know, though, that I left the bobble hat firmly at home. Just. Maybe thanks to a little gentle persuasion…).

Olivia Cox

I wasn’t feeling especially talkative (never understood people who thrive on little sleep) so after the various pit-stops through town (breakfast, coffee, etc) we retreated back to our fabulous abode for a little down time in-front of the TV.


Olivia Cox

Playtime with this lovely lady – Kayleigh. She’s completely adorably. Eight years old but you’d think she was a puppy, she’s so full of beans. And total attention seeker (the below was taken just after she’d ‘kissed’ my face…)

Olivia Cox

The best part? She’s a girls’ girl, so followed me around all weekend, it was so lovely. Here she is keeping guard as I do my make-up..

Olivia Cox

She did have a bit of a soft spot for Racer Boy, though. Little flirt..!

Joe Twyman

The awards ceremony was held at the Sheraton Hotel. It was all dressed up to be car-related (behind me is half a car, fashioned into a form of BBQ. No, really), and there were various VIPs who I can’t really name because I don’t really know who they are, involved in racing…

Olivia Cox

The after party (post-taxi exitement. Honestly. If there’s one thing Edinburgh lacks it is sufficient cabs on a Saturday night) at the Opal Lounge, and after after party back in our apartment. I’m not sure quite what Kayleigh made of all the racket, poor thing.

Here’s the 3am shot..

Olivia Cox, Joe Twyman

And the 6am. Bed time!!..

Olivia Cox, Joe Twymen

As you may imagine, Sunday was a bit of a non-day. We finally crawled out of our various beds around midday (which frankly is impressive, I think, having gone to bed basically when it was starting to get light (well, almost..) full of good intentions of a spa trip. But – fairly inevitably, perhaps – we only managed to stray as far as a cute little restaurant on one of the city’s quieter backstreets.

And then back to the TV..

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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