Hanging Out With Strip IN MY ACTIVEWEAR

by Olivia Cox February 9

Have you seen that viral IN MY ACTIVEWEAR video? It is hilarious. Mainly because it’s so true – how many times have west around hungover af in athleisure / gym kit with CLEARLY zero intention of getting within 100 metres of a gym. Many.

But the thing is, athleisure really is comfy. It’s like 2017’s answer to the 90s’ Juicy Couture velour sweats, and the post-Spice Girls popper-sided Adidas track-pants era. The uniting factor (clearly not aesthetic) is that they are all very lounge-friendly.

I recently did a shoot for Strip in Chelsea for their new athleisure collection – read about it here.

The main brands in Strip’s athleisure collection are Koral, We Are Handsome and Bjorn Borg. I first worked with We Are Handsome when I was prepping shoot wardrobes for my director at Marie Claire. They’re best known for their statement one-piece swimsuits and have a cult following across the globe and so I’m sure you’d recognise them – bold prints of lion’s heads etc. They now do activewear too, which is crazy exciting.

Bjorn Borg is a brand “for the active and the attractive”. The pieces are eye-catching and graphic, designed to uphold the legacy of their tennis legend namesake.

I aso wore my Fossil smart watch for the shoot, which is amazing for keeping track of my workouts and staying online while I train

Koral is some of the comfiest activewear I’ve ever worn. It’s designed to be incredibly practical yet beautifully streamlined and flattering. It’s the closest I’ve seen activewear getting to not actually looking like activewear, probably thanks to designer Ilana Kugel’s brazilian roots and fabric know-how.

Strip is primarily a wax bar, but has recently branched into retail, stocking athleisure, swimwear and lingerie. They also do amazing spray tans. Visit them here.

Olivia x


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