How To Beat Jetlag

by Olivia Cox July 31
Olivia Cox, Canada, Toronto, Travel Blogger, Travel Guide, What To Pack, Travel Diary

I am jetlagged. So, so very jetlagged. Like, not just a bit jetlagged. Full jet lag. And it sucks just a little bit.

I flew back from Canada on Monday. I did the over-night from Toronto, and by the time I’d cleared baggage and customs at Gatwick, I had a two-hour window before hair, make-up and styling pre-Valerian premiere. So I napped. Turn’s out, that was a bad idea.


O U T F I T  &  L O O K

Hair – Neville Salon

Make-up – Candice, Glow & Dry

Dress – Bronx & Banco

Shoes – Ego

Since returning and developing a one-a-day nap habit (I plan to kick it asap), I’ve stumbled upon many nuggets of advice for beating the ‘lag. And the advice seems to be almost unanimously: don’t do what I did.

Here’s some handy tips for beating jet lag. Instead of, y’know, elongating the pain, a la moi.

1 – Get plenty of water on-board. You know how sometimes you wake up with a hangover you truely don’t deserve, re-trace your steps and realise you haven’t had a sip of water for circa 15 hours? Similar principal with jetlag. The tiredness is unavoidable, but you don’t need to feel groggily dehydrated, too.

Olivia Cox, Canada, Toronto, Travel Blogger, Travel Guide, What To Pack, Travel Diary

2 – The minute you’re on the plane, switch to your destination’s timings. My 10pm Air Transat flight was ideal for this, since you board in darkness and get off in daylight. So you kind of trick your body into thinking it was a normal night sleep.

3 – Make sure you’re comfy on the flight. Air Transat has a special ‘Option Plus’ category, which has perks like extra checked

baggage allowance, in-flight drinks, and a snuggle kit (eye mask, blanket, ear plugs). They’ll help with point  2.

4 – Make sure your skin gets enough hydration – dry, grey skin is one of the real tell-tale signs of the lag. I plaster an over-night mask on my face the minute my bum hits seat. Sheet masks are also great for this, but you risk scaring the air staff. Of course, the Face Inc ones are designed to look like Snapchat filters, which is less fearful.

5 – Magnesium baths help calm your body and relieve stress. According to my Kiwi friends, one a night helps fight jetlag. And I feel like a Kiwi living in London must be well-versed in all things jetlag.

6 – Melatonin supplements are meant to be pretty awesome, although I haven’t tried it myself. Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the pineal gland in animals and regulates sleep and wakefulness. So it stands to reason that adding a dose to your day should help bring yourself back to your normal regime.

And always take the stress out of travelling by going with a trusted travel agent like Canadian Affair.

Olivia x

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