Spotlight On: Pom Poms

by Olivia Cox July 25

You may have noticed that pom poms are having a bit of a moment in fashion. Designers like Simone Rocha and Ashley Williams sent models down the AW17 runway adorned with the little balls of fun, and celebrities are wearing them too.

So I decided to take to London’s shops to see what pom poms I could find. Shop my selection below.


It was a tough call but eventually I went with the Skinny Dip pom pom bag. Why? Oh so many reasons. I like the way you can easily alter the length of the handle chain. I like the pleasing click of the popper clasp. I like the colour clash of primary on pink. Mainly, I just like Skinny Dip.

I mean, how great is Skinny Dip?!??! I fell in love with their sparkly unicorn phone cases and was really sold when they brought out a collection inspired by The Simpsons..

But back to pom poms.





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