Star Wars Screening: What I Wore

by Olivia Cox March 30

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I recently alluded to the absolute minefield that is red-carpet dressing – specifically, premiere dressing. Because premiere dressing falls into a whole category of its own. I mean, when was the last time you got all dressed up to go sit in a popcorn scented room packed with a bunch of strangers plus sticky floor? Especially to watch something as geeky (sorry not sorry) as Star Wars? Exactly.


As a general rule of thumb, the ‘level’ of premiere usually dictates how smartly you should be dressed. A World Premiere (things like Bond, Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible) are super formal as they often have royalty attending (see Kate’s beaut outfit for the Mandela biopic); European is still a big red carpet situation but more cocktail-dress-slash-lounge-suit ish. And a UK premiere or screening (like last night’s Star Wars documentary) is pretty casual.


I mean, I’ve pretty much made that up, but it’s based on a little bit of research (read: going to the things). Plus a couple of slightly wild assumptions. Which have never (always) failed me in the past.

Anyway. To the UK Screening of Star Wars: A Cinematic Journey, I wore this:

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Outfit Details

Jacket / M&S

Jewellery / Lola and Grace

Hair / Neville

Tee / Cos

Olivia x

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