What To Wear: Wedding Guest

by Olivia Cox July 13
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It’s wedding season! I’m so excited because this is the first year that my summer diary is filled with lots of engagement drinks, hen parties and weddings of my actual friends. Not relatives. Not my parents’ friends. My friends. It actually feels slightly unreal because I don’t feel nearly adult enough to have friends that’re getting married and having babies, but I’ll go with it.

Many of the weddings are here in the UK, which is tricky because you never really know what the weather’s going to be like. It’s a total gamble. So layers are usually key. And I learnt the hard way never, EVER to wear stilettos to a wedding. Because there is invariably grass. Which you will invariably sink into. Which is an invariable fail. Basically.

Slightly floaty dresses are a good way to disguise a shorter hemline (tight AND short can er on the side of slutty), and if it’s a church wedding I prefer to wear a dress with sleeves so that I don’t get disapproving looks if I need to take my jacket off. (I could be wrong here, but my more traditional friends tell me that bare shoulders in church is a no-no. Unless you’re the bride, I guess..)


F L O A T Y  D R E S S E S 

I’ve only ever been to one wedding that required a hat, but since I’ve also had plenty of hat-wearing practice at Ascot, Epsom, et al., I feel pretty well-versed. A big, wide-brimmed hat is lovely but a pain when you’re trying to greet people / stand in a small space / do anything other than stand very still, really. A large fascinator is a good alternative, especially if you want to wear sunglasses (they look a bit ridiculous when worn with over-large hats). My most recent hat purchase was from the Star by Julien Macdonad collection at Debenhams.

S H O P  H A T S

Olivia x

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