My Magical Night With Disney

by Olivia Cox February 24
Olivia Cox, Beauty And The Beast

Last night was the UK premiere of the new Beauty And The Beast film. This was crazy exciting for many reasons, mainly because I basically modelled myself on Belle when I was younger and know all the words to her songs.

Bill Condon’s remake stays pretty true to Disney’s original storyline, although there’s some added funnies – like Josh Glad’s one-sided bromance with Gaston, and the chemistry between Lumiere and Cogsworth which is just legit bants. There’s also a cute moment at the end when Garderobe dresses three of Gaston’s attacking cronies as girls. Two run away in horror, whilst the third gives the camera a cheeky week and skips off happily.

Olivia Cox, Beauty And The Beast

It’s the first time I’ve seen Emma Watson since the cringe Bling Ring, and she makes a pretty mega Belle. Definitely shades of her old Hermine alter ego coming through when she chides the Beast and aides her father, but she is believable and authentic. And really good at singing – who knew.

What was the most pleasingly surprising was how closely the actors managed to match the voices of the original Beauty & The Beast Cast. Particularly Lumiere (Ewan McGregor) and Le Fou (Josh Glad). And Emma Thompson’s Mrs Potts made me want to cuddle my teapot.

It’s crazy heart-warming, with just enough differences to keep even seasoned Disney fans like me engaged.

Olivia Cox, Beauty And The Beast

I was at the premiere at Leicester Square’s Odeon. I usually take dad to premieres because he works in the film industry, but mum is probably more into Disney and magical things than me, so I made an exception. She was very pleased with our seats because we were on the aisle so could make a speedy exit and avoid the crowds. Such a parent.

My dress was by Sanyukta Shrestha, bag was by Rare, and jewellery was by Grand Bazaar London.

Olivia Cox, Beauty And The Beast

Beauty & The Beast will be released in cinemas everywhere on 17th March.

Olivia x

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