Lights, Camera, Smile With Pro Teeth Whitening Co

by Olivia Cox March 21

If last year was the year of the tan, and 2016 the year of the brow, then this year is gearing up to be the year of the teeth. Of beautiful, clean, subtley whitened smiles that speak volumes before you even have to.

Because here’s the thing: your smile is one of the key factors in creating a first impression. Displaying openness and warmth is so important, and as humans we do that by revealing our teeth. As I write it, I realise how bizarre that sentence sounds. But think about it: it’s true.

Teeth whitening products have been something I’ve typically steered clear of. I have naturally sensitive teeth, and over-zealous brushing when I was younger just made it worse (I was told to brush 100 times morning and night. And as a cunning young thing I realised the faster I did this, the faster it was over and I could go back to building Lego or whatever other extremely important task I’d been diverted from).

So the thought of putting chemicals somewhere that even water can hurt just doesn’t compute.Until now. Enter the latest generation of teeth whitening products: the naturals. I’ve been trying out Pro Teeth Whitening Co’s Activated Charcoal, which is a hand-mixed blend of botanical extracts, essential oils and (obviously) charcoal. It’s really easy to use, – no need for messy teeth trays, night guards or peculiar little pipettes and syringes. It comes in a neat black tub that’s actually really aesthetically pleasing on the bathroom shelf, and since you just need a small pinch per use, it lasts ages.

What’s nice about the Activated Charcoal is that although you see instant cleaning results from first use, there’s none of the tell-tale over whitening – even with the recommended consistent and prolonged use, the level of white will only be what your teeth have the natural propensity to reach. So you’re actually creating a bespoke shade each time. In the spirit of working with what you’ve got not against it, Pro Teeth Whitening Co have cleverly mixed just the right amount of charcoal and clay to remove impurities naturally, which leaves you with a naturally whiter smile.

As an added bonus, the vegan friendly (just saying) powder also fights bacteria and reduces inflammation. And I do love a good mult-tasker.

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