What’s In My Gym Kit Bag? Beauty Essentials

by Olivia Cox October 20

If you’ve ever spotted me wandering around town, chances are you’ve been slightly blown away but the somewhat astronomically amount of stuff I’m carrying. This is for several reasons – if I’m trying to impress you, I’ll probably spin some lofty tale of Army training instilling in me a desire to pack for every scenario. If I’m honest, it’s because I’m generally too lazy to actually take out the things I don’t need. I also live slightly outside London, ands commute in just about every day. And again – too lazy to travel back and forth between the zones for outfit changes or to pick up what I’ve forgotten. So I pretty much carry my life on my back.

Specifically on my back, since I’m a huge (albeit slightly recent) convert to the backpack. I’d like to say it’s because they’re good for my posture and alignment blah blah blah, but quite frankly I enjoy being totally hands free. Because I’m a social media freak and always have my phone in my hand.

I have several backpacks – some huge, some tiny, and a couple that sit neatly somewhere in-between. My GymTote is probably the most practical one, since it was designed with gym-going in mind and has a gazillion clever little compartments that are as pleasing as they are surprising. Like the side zip designed to take a protein shake. And the rear compartment that’s the ideal dimensions for a Macbook.

On the other end of the scale, I have a prized collection of mini backpacks from the likes of Skinny Dip and Aspinal. I make it my mission in life to fit as much as humanly possible inside these little ninjas.

Which brings me to the point of this post: space-saving bits and pieces, without which I might never travel light (ok, fake light).

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Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner – Maybe the cleverest (is that even a word tho??) little product I’ve ever seen. The lid contains a secret sharpener so every time you unscrew it, you get a perfectly sharpened pencil. And zero need to carry a sharpener with you.

Sport FX Face Off Make-up Remover Wipes – Individually packaged one-use wipes for face and eyes. The eye one is pretty oily to attack any waterproof make-up, and the face one freshens everything afterwards. So long, rank cotton pads I packed to use with cleanser I then spilled and forgot about.

Lumity travel pouches – I’m an all or nothing kind of supplement taker, and once I’m on the wagon I find the idea of stopping pretty despicable. But even my GymTote would turn its nose up at the medicinal arsenal I like to take. So hurrah for Lumity – their booster pack contains a single sealed dose of everything you need in the AM and pre-bed.

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum – Aside from being an absolutely magical, collagen-boosting serum of joy, the capsules accidentally doubles as an excellent gym buddy since the little individual capsules are one-use.

Kerastase Cleansing Conditioner – So much kinder to hair than the traditional 2-in-1s, and this one contains keratin and elastin to help tame unruly curls like mine. Great if you’re washing regularly (e.g. at the gym) and value your hair’s natural moisture.

Olivia x

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