Happy birthday, Brendon!

by Olivia Cox November 11

Brendon Hartley, Daniel Ricciardo

Last night, Racer Boy and I made a cameo in Milton Keynes (north of London, fyi. Don't worry, I wasn't sure either..), to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Brendon was turning 23 (young-un) with the help of his lovely girlfriend Sarah, racing buddy Daniel, and what appeared to be the entire ex-Kiwi(slash Aussie, I get confused..) Milton Keynes population. After a spot of nationality caculation, Racer Boy and I concluded that we were the only Brits there. I felt strangely proud.

So anyway. We ate, drank (natsh), and then the restaurant whipped out an absolute monster of a chocolate cake that Sarah'd pre-ordered. I was perfectly convinced that the kitchens would be sharing the experience a bit later on, but somehow the 14 of us managed to scoff the lot. Impressive, no?

Naturally, the discussion was mainly centred around cars (think just about everyone round the table had a driving connection in some way or another. I kept my mouth firmly shut on the matter, but was eventually forced to admit that I can't actually drive. Cue awkward silence. It was like announcing to a child that Santa's not real...). I did, however, manage to steer the conversation round to lipsticks and Marie Claire at one point. Proud moment.

You'll note (if you've done your homework) that Racer Boy is absent from the night's photography. Think he may have been suffering from a case of severe hair envy...

Anyway. Happy, happy birthday to Brendon!

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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