Eat First’s Got Your Back For Valentines Day

by Olivia Cox February 13

Happy valentines eve!! Now. As you may know, I am hideously unprepared for most things. Swear I was the only one to come out of Sandhurst with a complete inability to organise my sh*t. So believe me when I say that what I’ve found is an absolute life-saver.

It’s a dinner delivery service, but way more subtle than traditional take-away. Eat First is chef-prepared meals from a regularly changing menu that get delivered within a pre-determined window. In minimal packaging.

Which means you can – should you wish- decant immediately into dishes and claim to have spent hours cooking. Remember Mrs Doubtfire when she burns the dinner so orders-in burgers and writes them off as her own? It’s like that. Which is potentially a Valentines’ Day saviour.

Although it’s worth noting that your indiscretion could be setting yourself up for a fall later in the relationship. Or just completely unbelievable if you’ve already proven your lack of kitchen prowess.

Of course the option remains to just tell the truth. I guess I should really be pedalling that in the spirit of love etc – but then, I’ve been (happily) single aaaaaages so I’m possibly not the best to be rolling out relationship advice.. But in the case of an Eat First delivery, the truth is also pretty thoughtful so you sort of might as well.

You basically select as much or as little as you want from the menu. There tends to be two options for each of three courses on any given day. I ordered for team Hoxton Radio on Friday because we were broadcasting live on Location. We ended up with an absolute feast of dishes to share – steak, tagliatelle, quinoa salad, focaccia bread, tri-colore salad, gluten-free brownies… and you can pair your food with wine suggestions. If that’s your thing.

Find out more on their website.

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