Interiors Inspo With Diptyque

by Olivia Cox February 24

Yesterday, I went to the launch of Diptyque’s new Hourglass. And I got inspo.

The hourglass provides an hour of whichever of the six fragrance you’ve chosen, so the brand are encouraging us to take a Diptyque Hour to enjoy some of the activities we don’t find time for. Things like drawing, dancing, and photography.  The launch was in a beaut white 4-storey townhouse in Soho, and each floor was themed to be an activity that the founders enjoyed out of their 34 Boulevard Saint Germain apartment in Paris, aka the birthplace of Diptyque.

It got me thinking about my own little slice of solitude. I recently moved back in with my parents. The plan was to use the family home as a base while I was travelling a lot at the end of last year (because really what’s the point of paying rent when you’re not even in the country), but I accidentally got really comfortable. To the point that I actively now don’t want to move out again.

Trouble is, whilst the shared rooms are all beautifully decorated (mum is everso house proud. I flit between appreciating the aesthetics and complaining that she is keeping the place like a show home. Yes, I know I’m a brat), my room is not. In fact, my room is the absolute opposite. There is zero order, no design scheme whatsoever, and an awful lot of stuff.

Cushion by Pad Lifestyle

But I cannot shake the nagging feeling that I need to do something about it. For a long time, I focused on myself, believing that my environment made little difference to my life. The half hour I spent with Diptyque has changed my mind. I felt so calm and found my thinking much more logical and structured as I left. And it’s a state of mind I’d like to re-create.

I figure I need to start small, so the first area I’m focusing on is my desk, since that’s where most of my work is done. I visited Kiki. K in Covent Garden and have stocked up on their organisation tools. Admittedly I’m yet to use the impressive filing system, but seeing it there is reassuring.

My Hello Day Planner is completely imperative to my day-to-day sanity. I am a very visual person and cannot deal with electronic diaries. I need to see everything laid out infront of me, so my poor diary is subject to incredible amounts of scribblings. I could not survive without it.

I’ve also recently discovered a store called Hema. I announced this discovery to mum, who tells me it’s been around a while. But it’s new to me, and that’s what matters. One of the things I’m really keen to do this year is create a colour theme through my space. I love rose gold and marble, so ordered the most beautiful candle holder from Hema.

I’ll keep you posted on my home improvements….

Olivia x



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