NYC: Central Park

by Olivia Cox December 5
Olivia Cox

You know that feeling when you know there’s something you’ve forgotten to do and you just cannot for the life of you figure out what that something is?

Well. I just realised.

I haven’t posted about Central Park!

There’s nothing quite like Central Park in London. Yes, there’s parks. But none of them are as vibrant and cool.

I saw a dog in bag (he’d broken his leg and the walker didn’t want him to feel left out)

I went ice skating (think I may have mentioned that already)… 

Olivia Cox, Joe Twyman

I actually woke up WANTING to go for a jog with Racer Boy (twice). 

Olivia Cox, Jow Twyman

There was this really cool building with amazing tiles on the ceiling. I’d love to know what is was originally there for. 

Racer Boy and I spent a lot of time at this fountain – there are really beautiful views from it. The water had all been drained (I guess because of Sandy?) but it was still so peaceful and serene.

We also rode in one of those bicycle-powered cart thingys. It was very chilly.

Ah, I want to go back!

p.s. how cute is this bench..?!

love, Laugh, Liverty x 

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