My Night At QP LDN Will Make You Hungry..

by Olivia Cox March 1

Every now and then you just need a proper girls’ night. That was last night. So I gathered my girls and found out who was free. Sophie was. So my little German schnitzel (aka Sophie Hermann) and I went for dinner at QP LDN.

QP LDN is technically an Italian restaurant. But in such a subtle way, and not at all like the Italian restaurants we’ve become accustomed to in London. Because QP LDN is fancy AF. It is authentic, Amalfi coast-inspired fine-dining in super luxe settings. I mean, the clue is in the location – QP LDN is on Dover Street in Mayfair, surrounded by Sexy Fish, Arts Club, et al.

Our table was happily positioned right in the middle of the room. I got there first so nominated Sophie for the chair directly facing a mirror. She was like a cat with a teaspoon. Our stream of waiters was incredibly diverse – one French, one English, one Italian (not the start of a joke). Sophie can speak all three languages. Which she did. Just for fun. Show off..

So like I said, QP LDN is Italian food. But the menu is totally devoid of pizza, and even pasta isn’t really the main event. AND – quite contrary to my expectations – gluten-free is totally welcome here. In fact, many of the pasta dishes are made without wheat.

One thing that is VERY Italian about QP LDN, though, is the portions. If you weren’t starving, a starter alone would fill you up – Sophie’s beef carpaccio came on a plate the size of a serving dish. And the beef covered the entire surface area. Not even a random plate lip just for fun. Literally all beef. Pretty amazing. And my yellow fin tuna tartare was a mound several inches high (not that size matters…).

For mains, I’m afraid we both went for the same dish – veal with bone marrow. After the filling starters, we opted to go sans the proffered mashed potato, which chef Antonio Mellino replaced with yummy grilled veg. Antonio is Michelin-starred, btw. Did I mention that already?

Naturally we were way too full by the time desert was offered, so had tea instead – Sophie went for camomile and I had mint. And speaking of drinks, I realise now as I write about the tea that I haven’t even mentioned the wine. Of course we had wine. We were going by the glass (Tuesday), so were slightly limited as to what we could choose. As a total ignoramus about wine, I told the sommelier we liked Malbec, so we had something similar. I’m not going to embarrass myself by trying to describe the notes and body etc etc, but it was really good. Rich. I’m told not as spicy as Malbec..

QP LDN feels like a treat restaurant, but is refreshingly welcoming. The portions are big (the biggest I’ve ever seen for a Michelin-starred chef), and the staff are super friendly. I guess that’s the Italian spirit.

Olivia x

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