A night with Nicole Scherzinger

by Olivia Cox October 26
Last night, a bunch of beauty journos huddled excitedly in one of the Metropolitan hotel’s larger suites for champagne and canapes. There was just one thing on their minds, though: “when’s Nicole getting here?”

We’d been summoned by the lovely Herbal Essences team, to celebrate a whopping 40 years of the brand’s dominance as a household name in haircare. After a day of interviews with us press (“she’s been a real trooper,” we were told), Nicole arrived (looking stunning – natsch – courtesy of her travelling stylist) in time to toast Herbal and give us a few words about her new role as a brand ambassador.

She ended her speech “let’s have some fun!” before nervously admitting that that is a knee-jerk reaction, born from months gee-ing up audiences on X Factor. Bless.

She grew up with the brand in her “humble, salt of the earth” beginnings, and while she doesn’t watch tv now (“its just the way I am”), she does remember some of those racier Herbal adverts in the shower..

The singer / X Factor star was delightfully down to earth and uber flattering about our hometown (she knows the way to our collective heart). She said she struggles with our pronunciation (“herbal” – said in clipped queen’s english – “we say ‘erbal!”), and our sayings (apparently she laughed at Lewis when he first asked if she was “taking the mick”).

She sipped delicately from her glass of red wine (kudos – I wouldn’t have gone near the stuff in her delicate dusty pink dress), and was just totally delightful, insisting on photos with each of us, plus a slumber party-esque group shot.

She even made us say “girls rule” as the shot was taken, although this quickly changed to “cheese” when we realised how funny it made us look in the photo…


Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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