Hotel Review: Urban Villa

by Olivia Cox July 7
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One of the tricky things about working for yourself is that technically you can do anything you want. This is both good and bad. Great for obvious reasons, but also tricky because I am perhaps the least decisive person in the world. So this year, I set myself the mission of finding my niche and sticking to it, and I am now devoting far more time to my passions: fitness and travel. And I am SO much happier for it.

And better traveled, as a consequence. Not always abroad though – especially now that exchange rates are so bad against the pound, there seems to be more and more reason to stay in the UK.

I recently stayed at Urban Villa in West London. The concept is a fusion of boutique intimacy with contemporary luxury. My one-bedroom suite (huge bathroom, kitchenette, living room, large bedroom, balcony accessible via two entrances) was easily spacious enough for two people to comfortably co-exist, but I visited solo.

The nice thing is that the light, roomy rooms aren’t just a faceless space. By which, I mean that everything in the suite was in the suite for a reason. Artwork from Lazarides, bespoke NYC furniture.. the place had the feel of a well-curated home.

My favourite part about my suite was the sprawling balcony that swept around the sprawling views of London. Of course, being on the 10th floor means windows are a necessity, but they’re floor-to-ceiling, so it’s kind of just as good.

S H O P  T H E  L O O K


I arrived on a wet (shock) Thursday, and was greated with an umbrella should I choose to venture back out, plus the news that the gym was accessible 24-hours. Which was a real win. Urban Villa is a super handy stop-over if you’re visiting via Heathrow, or as a second-home for longer stays. Suits start from £149 per night. Book here.

Olivia x


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