Zeynep Kartal’s Charity Fashion Show

by Olivia Cox April 29

Olivia attends Zeynep Kartal's charity fashion show at the Turkish Ambassador's residence

Last night, Zeynep Kartal held a charity fashion show at the Turkish Ambassador’s residence in Mayfair.

The embassy is incredible. Like, next level fancy.


You could probably have fit at least five rotations of a cartwheel down the room we were in. I didn’t put this to the test. My dress would never have forgiven me. Everything in the embassy is super-decorative – lots of gold embellishment on just about everything and gazillion thread-count rugs casually strewn on the glossy wood floor.


The ceilings are gigantically far away from your head, and all it’s all full-length double-doors. Even to the loo. Which (public-area loo, I should add. I’m sure the private rooms put our one to shame) was bigger than my current bedroom. And possibly my entire flat when I lived in Soho.


We were sat two-rows deep either side of the vast reception room, which had doubled as the catwalk for our event. At the bend where the models turned for the final stretch, super-VIPs (the ambassador et al) were lounging on crazy-comfy-looking (I didn’t try. Promise) armchairs with gold details. Sort of like thrones. It was all a bit surreal.


The whole aim of the event was to raise money for Syrian refugees, and the capsule collection was designed with this in mind (Zeynep’s AW16 already showed here in London earlier this year). The designs themselves were entirely monochrome, with the occasional glittery bit (Turkish, remember). The idea was that the black pieces represented the refugees’ suffering, and white showed hope.


Zeynep’s collections are available online.

Outfit details

Dress | Zeynep Kartal

Shoes | Moda in Pelle

Bag | Nica

Jacket | Lookagain

Olivia x

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