Nice Guys UK Premiere

by Olivia Cox May 20
Olivia Cox, Nice Guys, premiere

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Last night was the UK premiere of Nice Guys. AKA probably the funniest film I have ever seen. And that really isn’t even an exaggeration.

The basic plot is a hapless private detective (Ryan Gosling) who ends up working with a hard-nosed PI (Russell Crowe). If I was really arty and knowledgeable about acting, I’d probably comment here on the on-screen chemistry. But I’m not. So I’m calling it a late-blooming bromance. Sort of like the love-hate sitch between Ben Fogel and James Cracknell on Atlantic Row. Gosling’s character is HUGELY in-touch with his emotions, extremely risk averse and endearingly clumsy. “You fell again. You kidding me?” You’ll understand once you see it..

Olivia Cox, Nice Guys, premiere

I was there with the guys from Concorde Media, who’d organised the whole shebang and were generally marvellous. My date for the night was daddy Cox – we skipped the afterparty and went for a quiet drink instead. Which was ideal since my shoes began to hurt approximately five minutes after I put them on.

Outfit details

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Jacket : Zara

Dress: Blaiz

Bag: Blaiz

Ring: Alexi London

Shoes: Hobbs

Hair: Neville

Olivia x

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