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by Olivia Cox May 30

Something that I am very VERY good at is sleeping. Almost unreasonably good actually. To the point that I probably do a little (lot) too much of it. But, in the spirit of  multi-tasking, I’m putting my lifelong skill to good use with overnight treatment products.

Overnight hair products aren’t a new thing. And we all use night creams. Obviously. But actual overnight skincare infused with time-release ingredients to helps you wake up prettier? Well that’s new. At least to me. Here’s my favourites.

Hair – Whilst you don’t need to actually leave this treatment on overnight, the ingredients in Kerastase Aura Botanica Soin Fondamental keep conditioning hair for up to 48hours. The formula is 96% natural, and smells next LEVEL good. The texture is really light and the coconut and argan oils melt immediately into your hair so it feels all soft and silky and lovely. 

Body – I am SO BAD at moisturising my body. My face gets love at least twice a day. My body? It’s lucky to get a full rub-down twice a month. Mainly, I think, because I can get away with not doing it in England – it’s so damn cold that we’re around 90% covered most of the time. When I go on holiday, I use an SPF several times a day, and when I get back my skin is generally glowy and healthy. I’d always sort of assumed that was the sun’s effect, and it’s taken me 29 years to realise that actually I’ve been chronically dehydrating my body skin all-year-round except a couple of weeks on summer holiday. Because of my lazy attitude toward body skincare, I wanted a product that’d show results fast so I could prove to the sloth inside me that it’s worth spending a couple of minutes on each night before bed. So I’ve been using Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Body Treatment – it’s super-pumped with nourishing omega-rich oils and 9 potent skincare anti-ageing actives, and my skin’s felt silky and plumped from day one.

Tan – Tanning overnight isn’t new. Just about every brand recommends leaving a developing tan for at least eight hours of reasonable stationary-ness. Which for most people equals the night shift. But tanning overnight without a sticky guide colour that you’re gonna have to boil wash outta your sheets is. James Read Overnight Tan (there’s one for body and one for face) is a colourless, vitamin infused gel that’s crazy hydrating and just so happens to also tan you as you sleep. Similarly, Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask delivers ingredients like blackcurrant seed oil and oat kernel extract to condition, sooth and hydrate skin whilst delivering flawless, natural pigment.

Face – Most overnight face treatments focus on improving hydration. Which is great if that’s what you need. (At the moment, I am loving nspa Intense Hydration Overnight Mask). But if you’re congested or your skin’s looking a little dry, try one specifically designed to help support your skin’s natural renewal process. Sarah Chapman Skinesis is supercharged with Vitamin C and other antioxidants, which helps exfoliate skin and addresses issues like uneven texture and enlarged pores. It also contains Dermaxyl, which helps encourage collagen production. REN Wake Wonderful One-Night Facial has a similar exfoliation phase with a blend of AHAs, lactic acid and glycolic.

Olivia x

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Agnés-Orianne May 30 at 10:19 am

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Olivia Cox August 9 at 4:45 pm

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