Yotopia at Tibbits

by Olivia Cox March 1
Ok so before I get started, let’s just establish one small fact: I am in NO way a yogi. I feel the need to put this out there just to pre-empt any scoffing at my lack of abilities. Not that you would, right? Oh an also, my super amazing awesome vest is by L’Athlete.
So, the other day, super swanky yoga studio Yotopia invited me to their Valentines brunch event. I say valentines brunch. It wasn’t actually called that. But it was on V-day, and I was date-less, and the event included brunch. So…. In the words of the beaut Holly Golightly: You do understand, don’t you?
Anyway. The event was held at Mayfair (ish – just of Regent Street, to be precise) restaurant Tibbits, in the downstairs seating area. The idea was to do an hour of yoga, then go upstairs and enjoy the self-service food situation. Which is essentially what we did. There was the occasional chef wondering through our midst, but actually I quite liked that – it slightly took the pressure off actually yoga, which is always great news when you’re as inflexible as I am.
We ended up doing more like an hour and a half, but it felt like no time at all. We ended the class with some grounding exercises designed to help self-awareness. Admittedly I found it hard to stay awake, but I take that as a good sign – relaxation is pretty marvellous for you in everso many ways..
Then on up to feast. The food at Tibbits is mainly Lebanese, so there was lots of humous, tabbouleh, falafel and lentils. And gluten-free bread rolls. Win.
Technically we were allowed a glass of champagne with our food, but I usurped this in favour of a health juice. Mainly because everyone else was doing it. And I’m a sheep. Baaaa.
Yotopia’s actual studio is in Covent Garden (I know this for a fact because I mis-read the invitation and rocked up there first. My bad). To book visit their site.
Olivia x

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