Say You Won’t Stray: Make-up That Won’t Melt In The Heat

by Olivia Cox August 13
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Heat + humidity + zero air conditioning = SF (sweaty face – the step up from the dreaded sweaty upper lip). Here’s make-up that won’t melt in the heat, and might just keep you from dunking your face in the Thames. If you’re reading this from London, you really don’t need me to tell you how effing hot it got. 30 degrees of muggy heat in a dense, over-crowded city that doesn’t really believe in air con.. we were legit melting. Trouble is, here in the UK we are used to a generic grey drizzle all year round. Back when I was little, I have these memories of long hot summers with hosepipe bans and park-fire warnings, but I’d sort of assumed that was a trick of the mind. Now, as I sit in my sweltering apartment in pants and vest, I think maybe it was true.

In the twenty-or-so years between then and now, I’ve somehow become completely intolerant to heat. I just can’t cope. When the heatwave hit, I assumed we would have maybe a week AT BEST before it all went sideways and the overcast, rainy skies flocked back and we were plunged back to single-digit degrees. My British pessimism was, as it transpired, quite entirely incorrect. And after approx 6 weeks wearing my smallest, loosest bits of clothing on rotation, I had finally conceded to the fact that this weather was here to stay. Admittedly now there is less sunshine and more cloud going on, but the point remains. It’s humid. And we are not at the beach. Therefore we have to look kind of human. So here’s some products that’ll help… olivia cox, bronze, tanning garment, tanning, fake tan, self tan, fake it, once, all in one

Sport FX Cool Down Primer – Technically, the added menthol is designed for cooling a flushed face post work-out, but I see no reason why it can’t double as a heatwave secret weapon.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – Super-powered make-up setting spray. There’s many out there, few that truly do the job. This is one of the good’uns.

Benefit Badgal BANG! Volumising Mascara – Waterproof mascara with benefits – like crazily light aero-particles (specifically, one of the lightest known materials, derived from space technology), and thickening ProVitamin B5.


Guerlain L’Art Du Trait – Precision liner that won’t budge, thanks to a clever no-transfer texture.

EX1 Foundation – Seriously lightweight formula that’s completely breathable, so won’t clog pores. Plus, it has a light diffusing quality, which unifies skin tone so you’ll need less product to achieve a flawless finish. Bye bye, cakey.

Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto – Not quite a lipstick, more than just a balm. The perfect combination of hydration and pinky pigment that varies in accordance to the pH of your skin. Great for a grab-and-go when it’s too hot to loiter in the bathroom.

Buxom Eyeshadow Palette – Buxom is known for their super flattering pigments and long-lasting formulas, and their palettes are insanely buildable.


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