Raffles Does Cricket

by Olivia Cox August 15


Ok so firstly, I have to admit: I have legit never watched cricket in. my. life. Like, ever ever ever. Before yesterday.

AKA when Raffles and Bodos played in Chelsea.


We were at Burton Court, which is part of Royal Hospital Chelsea, and – by extremely mega coincidence – just round the corner from my flat. It’s the sort of great geography that usually warrants the wearing of heels, but I just got new Ked’s, so…

I was there with my beaut friends Fran & Olivia Newman-Young – Fran had organised the day. Clever thing.

We were by the members’ area of Burton Court, which has a cute little clubhouse with a proper little suntrap out the front. On the way in, we each had a Cointreau Fizz cocktail with one of those kitsch stripey paper straws. Once that was done, we had boozy ice lollys. And then champagne..


The rest of the day continued largely in that vain, and if I’m honest I didn’t reeeeally see all that much cricket. Although I did fraud my way onto the bench to hang with the players for a bit. Purely to learn about the scoring. Obviously.


I hung out for a bit with Olivia at the pop-up shop bit (brands like Octavia Hix and Aya Silk), ate a burger, and played with Ollie Lock’s dog Bear. Who is divine and anything but a bear. Sort of like how Elle Woods’ teeny chihuahua in Legally Blonde is called Bruiser. Ironic, yes?

Olivia NY wearing Octavia Hix

Olivia NY wearing Octavia Hix

Oh, and there was a photo booth. Which we didn’t really nail…


When I left, Raffles had more runs than Bodo’s, but I’m told you can never be strictly “winning” in cricket. I’m not really sure what that means, but lets go with it…

FullSizeRender (2)

Here’s the outfit details…

Cricket, Olivia Cox, Raffles, Bodo's, maxidress, daily mail

Photo: Grant Buchanan / FameFlynet.uk.com / dailymail.co.uk

Shoes – Ked’s

Jacket – Missguided

Dress – Vero Moda


Olivia x

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