Goodwood Revival

by Olivia Cox September 14


This weekend was Goodwood Revival. Which meant that I spent the majority of my time looking at vintage cars. And dressing up as a 1950s housewife.


Ok, I wore a leather jacket. It wasn’t an ENTIRELY era-appropriate outfit..

In case you’re not familiar with the Revival, it is probably the most interactive and lifestyle-y (aka non-motorsport fan friendly) meeting in the calendar. Lord March’s Goodwood estate gets transformed into flashback of England circa 1940, 50, and 60; and everyone gets dressed up.


I wore a blue and white tea-dress by Miss Patina, which is a UK brand loved by Taylor Swift. So, naturally, I teamed the outfit with a punchy red lipstick by Bourgois and wavy bob by Neville. Because I heart Taylor. Basically.


Anyway. Obviously, the main event is the cars – which are all vintage. Obviously.


But there’s loads more to see. Kim and I made a bee-line for the fairground, which happened to be right next to the trade area. Lucky, that…


Unlike the Festival of Speed earlier in the year, all of the brands at the Revival have to have a vintage aspect to their display. Enter a whole smorgasbord of antique stands and retro fashion stores. And… Jacuzzi.


Now. When you think Jacuzzi you probably think of the super modern, swanky machines from MTV Cribs. Sadly for you lot, I am a closet history geek and so the part of visiting Jacuzzi at Goodwood than excited me wasn’t the shiny new facades. Or even the floating bar (although that would have been of EPIC use in Mykonos last week). It was the original Jacuzzi pump on display that used to be placed in tubs in hospitals to treat arthritis in the early 60s.


It was literally perfect for Goodwood – doesn’t it just remind you of a Smeg fridge or retro Mini Cooper?!

And pretty mind-blowing that what we now see as strictly an indulgent pastime used to be a medical aid. As with so many old-school fashions, though, this has actually sort of come full circle. You see, the latest Jacuzzi models have elements of hydrotherapy in their design, which is tapping into the sports physiotherapy arena. Clever, huh?


Pretty handy for any injured drivers visiting Goodwood – especially Joe, who had done something silly to his foot playing cricket the day before..


For more info about Jacuzzi, visit their website.

Olivia x

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