Grand Prix Ball

by Olivia Cox July 7

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Last week was the Silverstone Grand Prix. Lewis won his sixth round. Lewis cried. It rained.

… Aaaaaand I went to the party at Blenheim Palace!! Which was super cool. Obviously.


We arrived at the palace to find the forecourt littered with F1 cars, supercars and a helicopter (just for show – although there was another one out the back which someone had arrived in. I mean..), plus grid girl-types handing out icy champagne. The dream. Especially after a drive from London sans proper air con..

We arrived slightly late (blame the boy. Always blame the boy…) so caught the tail end of the reception and made it through to dinner without the awkward small talk. Which I probably shouldn’t say but I’m SURE everyone agrees with.


Dinner was actually in a marquee that had been cleverly bolted on to the side of the palace, so that you felt like you were walking into an unusually large room. Naturally super decadent – it slightly reminded me of 21st season, when everyone was trying to outdo each other with a bigger more sparkly tent (sorry, but that’s ultimately what they are). Our table was rammed with oodles of bottles, and we ate lamb. Plus other bits and pieces but I was largely too occupied by the entertainment to notice. Which included Eddie Jordan’s band. It’s really good…


Wearing some of my Eternal jewellery

Naturally, an event of that size has absolutely oodles of sponsors. Ghost Vodka was one of the main ones, and they were making basically the best cocktails I’ve ever had (watermelon somethings – I never did quite catch the name). I blame the Ghost bar quite wholeheartedly for my over indulgence. How can you turn watermelon somethings down?!



I wore a white cape dress from Spotted On Celeb which I ADORE. The cape part sort of blows in the wind which obviously made me feel like a fairy (or vampire, as the boy so kindly pointed out). The clutch is Mango and the shoes are Carvella.


Olivia x


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