Pre-holiday Treatments With Discounts

by Olivia Cox August 6
Do you remember when beauty prep for a holiday amounted to as much as a decanting various Sun & Swim goodiesa into those little travel bottles from boots, only to realise that any normal human needs significantly more than 40ml of shampoo for 2 weeks in the sea? Bcos same.
A lot has changed since then, but what has remained a constant for me is the happiness derived from my ritual of planning, prepping and packing pre-departuare.
Only the beauty part tho, you understand. Bcos I’ll be honest: my militant organisation of pre-trip beauty treatments, and ever-growing fascination with Tetris-ing my way through a series of satisfyingly matchy wash bags absolutely does not stretch to the clothes packing part. I mean, it’s possible that at some point in the immediate run-up to a trip I’ll plan outfits and pair shoes with cute bags or something similarly basic. But by the time check-in rolls around it’s more than likely that any attempt at folding will be newly fashioned as a jumble sale within my Samsonite.

But I digress.Bcos the point of all this was to tell you about the beauty treatments I have lined up ahead of my departure a Espana next week.

Secret Spa – Probably the first at-home beauty service I tried, and still the best. Secret Spa works with verified professionals across the beauty hemisphere, from massage and waxing, to nails tan and make-up. My habitual night-before-the-trip tan with Secret Spa has become a real staple in my routine – a little tan tardis popping up in my living room (or wherever happens to be the tidiest square foot at that particular time) signals the start of the vaycay proper. Serious upsides of doing a tan at home = zero need to move / dress / risk rain drops for the journey home. Downsides? I’m yet to find any, I just bronze then bed. It’s my thing, and it’s blissful. Use my code OLIVIACOX for £25 off your booking.
UNNDOO – An exciting new addition to the at-home beauty trend, UNNDOO have entered the arena to offer an additional category: facial aesthetics. Now. The more results-driven of beauty treatments (yes, we’re talking botox et al) aren’t traditionally something you’d expect to be able to contour up in your home-slash-hotel. But that’s what sets UNNDOO apart. With unrivalled access to top medical practitioners (often doctors or dentists), UNNDOO’s beauty black book is a who’s-who of facial aesthetics, with zero need to out-source or take a risk. My practitioner arrived in my flat fully kitted out with everything from surface cleanser to sharps box, and the whole process took under an hour. Ideal for people looking for discretion, convinience, or even just consistency as you get to choose your practitioner. I’m really excited about this one: welcome to the future of tweakments.
Neville – Pre-holiday hair and post-holiday hair are serious categories, and not ones to be ignored. Book in with Flavex for preventative Hair Botox before you go, and hair rehab once you’re back. Then inbetween you get to enjoy the sun, sea and sand without worrying about the consequences. Dreamy.

Dr Stefanie at Eudelo – Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and sometimes it can be confusing exactly what yours needs in order to reach its full potential. I recently visited Dr Stefanie Williams for a consultation and treatment to a) remove the guess work and b) get my skin in the best condition possible ahead of my trip. Bcos whilst leaving ordinary life behind for a couple of weeks is hella relaxing for mind and body, for skin that craves perpetual homeostasis it can actually be hella stressful. Air travel, humidity, sun, new types of pollution…. The list of aggressors is seemingly endless. Plus the chances of travelling with a complete rosta of your usual skincare regime (15 steps, anyone?) is slim to none. Dr Stefanie’s double pronged appeoach toward skincare (medical and Aesthetic dermatology) leaves no base uncovered, and I walked away with glowingly healthy, radiant skin. Plus all the knowledge I needed to prolong my results. Use my code OLIVIA10 for 10% off a course booking or discovery consultation.

And speaking of skin…
Bionik Facial at Elenique – In something that sounds direct out of a SciFi movie, Bionik have manipulated cutting-edge NASA technology to deliver probably the most bespoke treatment on the planet. Bcos it is driven directly by your very. own. pulse. Which means that the pain-free laser responses to skin’s individual needs, rejuvenating and repairing skin by delivering only exactly what it needs. The treatment can be bolted on to other ones to help promote healing, or as a stand-alone facial with a literal smorgasbord of benefits from improving texture and decreasing pre size, to increasing collagen and elastin production. Skin’s water content is increased and locked in at a cellular level, leaving you with dewy, radiant skins.

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