Deciem Is A Brand You Need To Know About

by Olivia Cox March 9

If you don’t know about Deciem, you’re about to. They’re a Canadian beauty brand that launched over here a few years ago and have been quietly shaking up how we do things in the UK beauty industry – until now, because they just launched their very first UK store, in Old Spitalfields Market.

So to give you the backstory. Deciem was started by Brandon Truaxe back in 2013 as an umbrella company for a growing number of different beauty brands, each of which has it’s own unique identity. So there’s The Ordinary which strips back all the unnecessary jargon and filler ingredients often accociated with skincare to deliver targeted products that can be cocktailed or added to your regime as and when you need them. And then there’s Hylamide, which is straight-talking and easy to use, split into managable Core, Booster and Finisher ranges.

Excitingly, they also have a range called Fountain, which is a series of potent dietary supplements that they’re calling Molecules. You take a teaspoon of whichever you choose every day to complement your health & skincare regime. I picked The Energy Molecule, which is a combination of Creatine, Vitamin B12 and their Hyaluronic Acid matrix, designed to provide sustainable lasting energy. I tried it for the first time this morning and was amazed how nice it tastes. I’ve recently started using a Promixx for my protein shakes (love adding extras like avocado and banana) so will start adding my molecule for a fruity flavour.

I visited the store last week for my own little Supermarket Sweep. The store is intimate and accessible – the sort of place you feel you can browse without attracting a hard sell. In the middle is an old-school table with low lighting, so you can hang out and try the products.

Deciem’s tagline is ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company’, and it’s easy to see why. Deciem have rejected the elitism that some beauty brands crave, and are making skincare accessible to everyone, regardless of knowledge. That means you don’t need excessive knowledge or budget to use the products and enjoy results. Which is really what we all want, no?

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