Little Yellow door

by Olivia Cox March 1
I recently took over Just Opened London’s social media and had So. Much. Fun with it. I’ve never been a massive foodie, but since I turned gluten free I’m getting more and more into trying new places. So it was pretty mega to have free reign of their social calendar ;).
One of the places that was most exciting to visit, though, hadn’t strictly ‘Just Opened’ But I mean, the menu was new, which makes it new enough….
I was at the Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill to try their new menu, Hank (all the menus are based on a fictional 5th – I think, although I had had a few toasted marshmallow cocktails by the time I got the full story – housemate who travels around). Which will make very little sense to you unless you’re familiar with the LYD concept, ie a supper club run by an eclectic bunch of housemates who just happen to have one of the roomiest and most awesome houses EVER.
The idea of the supper clubs – which run every Wednesday – is to break out of the tradition dinner structure and encourage guests to actually engage with each other. Much like you would at a house party or friend’s dinner party. You arrive an hour or so before dinner for cocktails, then sit around large communal tables that’re sporadically filled with large sharing platters of food. Which, as I alluded to before, were American-themed for us.
Which meant lots of chicken wings and lavishly dressed salads, plus clam chowder. Yes, really. Surprisingly tasty.
After dinner, there’s a speedy re-fit of the main room whilst the floor is cleared for more of a drinking-den vibe. Naturally, you can help if you like, or migrate to the bar for desert. And drinks. Lots of.
You don’t have to do the supper club thang, though – Saturdays are house parties, and Thursday are ‘normal’ drinking & snacking. I suppose in a more formal restaurant you’d say a la carte.
To book, visit their site.
Olivia x

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