Eating Desert And Playing Hard With Juicy Couture And Joe’s Jeans

by Olivia Cox March 10

Everyone wants to be a Juicy girl. It’s that whole devil-may-care, live for the moment attitude that we all kind of aspire to. To me, a Juicy girl has always been that one who wakes up in last night’s make-up and still looks hot, even in some guy’s old shirt. She can do a wink without screwing her face up or risking an accidental blink, and maybe even raise a single eyebrow independent of the other. I, on the other hand, suck at these things.

Photo by Lee Tinklin

What I can do, though, is play hard. Last night, I was at the Joe’s Jeans x Taylor Hill party at Shoreditch House. I’m not very good at breaking rules (I get so anxious, it’s hideous), but the photo-taking ban really needed to be flouted. So Lorna, Sophie and I set to work snapping up the night. I was wearing Juicy Couture’s addictive new Viva La Juicy scent, which seemed fitting for a debauched rooftop party hosted by some LA hotties. I know you probably don’t care about the notes (frankly I feel about people who go on about base notes and sparkling hearts the same way I feel about wanky wine tasting comments), but I’ll tell you anyway: fruity, feminine, and smooth. Things like vanilla and orange flower. Ya?

Photo by Lee Tinklin

Back to last night. I was hanging-out in the roped-off area, drinking champagne and generally treating myself when an LA-type walked over. He told me I smelt good (obviously), assessed my outfit, and asked what I do. Then we chatted a bit until I eventually asked what he does. He laughed and told me “well, this is my party”. Oops. Hi, Joe. And thanks for dressing me, btw…. 😉

But there’s something about wearing Viva La Juicy Sucre that makes everything seem possible and adventure very likely. Joe laughed off my blunder and told me it was cute. I grabbed Sophie’s ass at the bar and we found it funny. The scent gives you so much sass and makes you feel irresistible. Even when you’ve just eaten an entire plate of chicken satay (nope, not even exaggerating I’m afraid).

Photo by Lee Tinklin

The scent is all about having fun and being indulgent – the tagline is Eat Desert First, which is advice I have always taken very seriously. My mother always told me and my twin sister to eat our vegetables first and not fill up on bread. And if we didn’t finish our main we couldn’t have desert. So in what was probably my first ever act of rebellion, I defied her. Because I knew where the fridge was and I knew I wanted my white chocolate mousse (yes, I know. Brat). The unorthodox routine was put to the test in the army. At Sandhurst, we would pass along the conveyor belt of canteen food, eating as we went along because we knew by the time we reached the table we’d have to move off again. So you really had to prioritise what you were eating.

So basically, I’m team Juicy right now. And Joe’s Jeans. And in other news, Candice Swanepoel is the muse for Juicy’s latest scent, Viva La Juicy Sucre, and I have the biggest girl crush on her EVER. Let’s all have fun and smell mega.

Olivia x

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