Fright Night At Thorpe Park

by Olivia Cox October 7


Every year in the build-up to Hallowe’en, Thorpe Park launches #FrightNight. And each year, there’s a new attraction added to the rosta – things like SAW, Big Top (we were warned not to go in if we had a clown phobia. It’s that level scary) and Cabin In The Woods. For 2016, the newbie is Platform 15. Aka basically the most eerie haunted train sitch you’ve ever seen.

I know this because I was there last night, for the launch event. And it was truly terrifying. See, what I didn’t realise (until it was a bit late) is that Thorpe Park is actually on an island. Which – as you race onto said haunted island to flee packs of chasing zombies and clowns – is quite a horrifying concept.


Once you’re on the island, the chillingly empty Thorpe Park is essentially your oyster. And there is something extremely creepy about the deserted rides hanging in mid-air amid barely-lit arcade rides. I mean, I really never considered Angry Birds paraphernalia to be alarming. Until last night. Add the constant feeling that you’re being watched by lurking zombies (which you probably are, tbh) and you’ve got a recipe for total terror.


And the thing about the zombies, I should add, is that they’re allowed to get waaaaay up in your grill. And I swear they sense your general alarm – I was perpetually harassed by one particularly fearful one who made uncomfortable amounts of eye contact and could really use a lesson in personal space (just saying).


Of course, the one good thing about zombies is that they can’t run. Not so with the clowns. This I learnt as I rounded the corner to Colussus to see a pack of people (you must travel in packs, I learnt. Straying off down a deserted path solo is basically like yelling “you-hoo” to the zombies) legit sprinting down the path, screaming whilst flinging the drinks they’d been previously enjoying. They looked genuinely terrified. And jus behind them was a clown, cackling and also sprinting. We hid in a nearby bush. Natsh.


Thorpe Park Fright Nights are on selected nights throughout October, and the park stays open ’til 10pm. Buy tickets here. You can get a train to Staines station, or Karhoo it, like us. And don’t say I didn’t warn you…


#GlamSquad credits

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Olivia x

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